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You didn't say if he actually told you he loved you or you are second-guessing him. If he loved you he'd have no problems leaving the other woman. If you've been talking to him all this time then tell him it's you or the other woman. Give him that ultimatum because he could be playing both of you women for fools.

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Why would a woman put up with a man who has feelings for another woman and why is he still there if he loves another woman?

Well you tell her the truth about your afare with this ho, and maybe she will give you sex for telling the truth.

If a Married man loves other woman how does he prove it?

If a married man loves another woman than his wife, he can prove it by divorcing his wife and marrying this other woman.

What do you do when your boyfriend marries another woman and he say he still loves you and you still love him too?

Forget him and move on. He is married to someone else and is using you if he tells you he still loves you. After all if he loved you why did he marry another person? You are very lucky he didn't marry you because this man is a cheat and a player. Any man who does this is not worth your time.

Why do a married man falls for the other woman his having an affair with and still stay with his wife?

He probably still loves his wife. the fact that he has had a relationship with another woman does not mean he does not love his wife and family. That is a idea implanted in our society by religion.

My ex still calls me to tell me he loves me but he is sleeping with other girls what should you do?

Sorry to tell you, but sounds to me the your ex is a jerk since he just CAN"T sleep with another woman and tells you he loves you. If you still have any feelings for him, my best advice is to get rid of them because it isn't fair to you and to the other woman. I mean if he still loves you, then why does he sleep with another woman, its just wrong, and to tell you, i hate men/boys telling you they love you, but doesn't actually show you that he loves you or has someone else. I know that (if you still have any feelings for him) its not easy getting rid of feelings for somebody, but just remember that no one can love someone if they're sleeping with someone else, it just means that they're a two-timer and a jerk.

Should you date a woman that still loves her ex but knows its going nowhere?


How can a man say he loves you and hide pictures of another woman on his computer?

Before you jump to conclusions ask who this other woman is.

What does a lesbian mean?

lesbian means that a girl fancies or loves another girl. Gay means that a boy fancies/ loves another boy. Homosexual means that person loves their own gender. A lesbian is a gay woman.

Why does he want you for sex when he loves his wife?

Yes, a man who is with another woman yet claims that he loves you is a lair. He is either after sex or something else.

Does my husband love me if he lives with another woman?

Surely, if he loves YOU he would want to live with you and you only!

What is your idea of a modern woman?

Someone who loves to shop and loves to talk. My idea of a modern woman is someone who loves gadgets and loves to go anywhere.

Your ex says he loves you to bits but that your not the woman for him what does he mean?

He's saying that he cares for you a lot, but for one reason and/or another, you're just not a woman he can be with.

Could pregnancy keep the woman from loving another man?

no you can still love another man but dont still be in a relationship and still be loving another man!

I love a woman who is in a relationship with another man she and i spend a lot of time together and we are very close is there a chance for a relationship with this woman?

It would be best to put the woman out of your mind. It is self-tormenting to lust after a woman who you cannot be with. You have to accept that she loves another man.

What is the right thing to do when in love with a man who stays with another woman not married and he still wants to be with you and shows you love to believe he feels something special for you?

Well if he really loves you he will leave that other woman for you. Tell him to do so! If he does not leave her for you, he lies. Its simple, but its true

What do you do if your husband told you that he loves you but he is no longer in love with you?

That means he has another woman in his you gotta move on...

When was When a Woman Loves - song - created?

When a Woman Loves - song - was created in 2009.

Why do man keep cheating with same woman?

ANSWER:Could it be that he loves this woman even she isn't his wife? There are some married man who do fall in love with another woman, and the man I married was one of them.

Why do women care about what a man may feel for another woman if he is sharing a great love with them to?

Women want to be the ONLY one a man loves - not just one of many that he "loves".

How do you help a friend whose husband is cheating on her when she still loves him.?

Say nothing. If she still loves him and you tell her, she will hate you for ruining their marriage. If you cant sy nothing, then take her to places where he will be with the other woman and let her find out for herself. Then be there for her as a friend.

What does Da-da-yanu mean?

Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and...... Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and...... Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and......

What is a person who loves women called?

I don't know that there is a specific name for them. Lover? Heterosexual if a male, lesbian if another woman.

Can a transsexual woman inpregnate another woman?

if the non or pre-op trans-woman still produces semen, of course it can be used to impregnate a genetic woman.

Why men use a woman he loves?

Men use woman he loves because when a woman loves a man she devote herself to the man and the man thinks she is fully depended on me, this makes man feel as he is god for the woman and pay less attention and start using her.

When was When a Man Loves a Woman - song - created?

When a Man Loves a Woman - song - was created on 1966-02-17.