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In Ohio...they are required to give back your personal belongings. This does not include anything that is a permanent fixture on/in the a stereo system or rims. If they refuse to give back your personal belongings...I would contact an attorney and pursue legal action.

2008-02-01 03:57:02
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Q: How do you get back your personal items from a repossessed car in Ohio if the bank won't return your calls and you don't know which repo company took it and are they obligated to give you your stuff?
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Can you return a car bought on a personal loan when you were told it was on finance?

Have the car voluntarily repossessed. Using this option means that you voluntarily return the car to the finance loan company if you are too far behind on your payments and can't recover. If you decide to return the car, the finance company may pick up the vehicle or it may require that you return the car to its location.

Can a repo agent refuse to return personal property from a repossessed vehicle when the property does not belong to the note holder and then lie to the lender when you consult with them?

== == NO

Do the car dealer have to return rims that were added to the repossessed vehicle?


Can a car be repossessed if the owner dies before the first payment is due?

The car can be repossessed. The estate is responsible to return the vehicle and resolve the lease or loan.

You were notified the loan was not approved and you needed to return the car you never returned the car or had it registered in your name and it was never repossessed how do you get rid of it?

Return it to the dealer.

Is it against the law in Florida to refuse to return a repossessed car?

CIVIL law YES, criminal no.

If your truck was repossessed and damaged and you were going to file bankruptcy do the reposessors have to return it to you and then you can file and stop the repossession?

no no, it's up to the company if they want to let you keep it or not, some of them think that if your'e filing BK then your'e not going to pay them.

Can you claim personal miles on tax return - if you get a company paid car allowance?

No -- your personal mileage is NEVER deductible. In fact, in your situation, the personal mileage use of the employer provided auto is taxable benefit. (Note: Commuting to and from work is considered personal use).

What do you do if you loan your car to someone and they don't return it Can you have the car repossessed?

You send them a certified letter demanding return of the car within 3 days. If no response, report it stolen.

If the company that had your car repossessed doesn't give you any information on how much you owe or where your car is and won't return phone calls regarding the issue are you liable for storage fees?

Call a local attorney for state/case specific advice.

Can you change your mind about buying custom made furniture after a deposit has been made?

There is nothing to stop you from changing your mind. The question is whether the company will return your deposit. Usually, a company will want to keep its customers happy, and will work with them in good faith. Still, it does not mean they are obligated to return the deposit. Just act appropriately, explain your situation, and hopefully they will have no problem returning your money.

Does personal return have to reflect Corp return loss?

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What can you do when a repossession company will not return your personal belongings unless you pay a charge and will the police help you in getting your things back?

It depends on which state you live in, so check the law. In Florida, anything inside a towed or repossessed car is still the property of the owner. The repo company may have a right to take back what property they own by default (in this case, you car for non-payment); however, they have no legal right to keep your other property or charge you for its return. That is considered theft. You can call your local PD or courthouse and they can tell you what to do. If it is considered theft in your state, call the police and they will respond to the repo company to help you retreive your property.

If your car is repossessed in Montana and you pay the finance company the total amount you owe in full plus whatever fees are they required to return the car?

If they take the money then yes however they have the right to refuse the payment since you are in violation of the loan agreement.

How do you get a repossed vehicle back?

If your car is repossessed and you want to get it back, you can contact the finance company and clear any outstanding payments. They may agree to return your vehicle to you if they have not already sold it but be warned that lenders try and sell repossessed vehicles as quickly as possible to try and recoup funds. The finance companies often sell the repossessed vehicles at a car auction. Here they can be sold "as seen" and at a lower price than market value, thus they can be sold quickly. It is often possible to find out which auction your car is being sold at and you can get your repossessed vehicle back yourself by attending the car auction and bidding.

What can a company do if an ex employee refuses to return company property?

If it is company property then the ex-employee has no choice but to return it! If they refuse then the company can report it to police as a theft and you can be charged criminally.

What happens when you take a car out of state when it is being repossessed?

I can can be legally repossessed no matter where it goes in the USA. As long as the repossessor can find the car and identify it as the one to be repossessed. It may not be cost effective if it is a long distance unless the vehicle is of greater value than the cost of returning it and paying someone to do that. They can also wait until you return.

How do you cancel a contract when a company has not honored there part?

Send them a registered letter with return receipt requested explaining the circumstances and your reasoning. If they refuse to allow you to withdraw, you will have to engage an attorney or take them to court. Otherwise you are still legally obligated to live up to your obligations.

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In Arizona if your vehicle is repossessed and your get the vehicle back is it illegal for the repossession agent to charge a fee before they will return your licence plate?

In the State of Arizona, the license plate belongs to the debtor. They cannot charge you for your plate but they can charge you for inventory and storage of your personal property (which, incidently, includes your plate).

What Is The meaning of desertion?

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How do you return a new car purchased-- that has a bad transmission?

You can't return it. You can however demand they repair the car under the factory warranty. They are only obligated to repair not replace, or refund your money.

After a vehicle is repossessed and you pay it off in full when does the lender have to return the vehicle to you is it as soon as its paid off or can they take a few days to return it?

If the vehicle is paid it is yours you should not have to wait any amount of time.

Is an executor obligated to keep heirs informed of court proceedings of estate?

An executor is obligated to keep heirs informed of court proceedings of an estate. Information should be sent by first class mail or certified return receipt for proof of notification.

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