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Get a coax to RCA adapter to meet your needs. You can probably pick one up at the `Shack or some other local electronics store.


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The only way to hook it up is to have a video card that has a coax input port. You will also have to have a converter to connect the 360 Cable and the coax cable too.

The best coax cable is RG-6

Cable modems use RG-6 coax cables.

Yes, connect the incoming coax cable to the input of a two way splitter box and the output coaxes to the input of the cable boxes.

The S-Video connector and cable will give you a better picture than coax or a RCA type pin video connector and cable will.

The speed of a coaxial cable is affected by the dielectric that is used within the coax cable, and this has the effect of slowing the signal down.

If you have analog cable TV, plug the coaxial cable coming from the wall plate directly into the back of your television. You should see a silver coax input on the back of your tv.

The word "coax" has two very different meanings:1. She tried to coax the kitten out from under the sofa, but it was frightened.2. My cable TV signal comes into my house on a coaxcable. [short for coaxial]

You can use RCA cables or coax. You will see on the back of your Dish receiver a TV out for either coax or the RCA cables out, then plug the cable into the input of your TV. Be sure to tune your TV to whatever input you choose to view dish satellite programming.

This would depend upon your TV and the receiver and if it has a coax port available on the back. You can use an RG6 coax cable between the receiver and TV. Most newer HD receivers do not have a coax port on the back

No, the two types of cable are not compatible. Coax cable is a shielded cable with special end connectors and a single internal conductor, where as Cat 5 is multi conductor 4 pair cable.

For Dish Network, we use RG6 coax cable to allow a higher frequency range for the satellite signal from the dish to your receiver. Any coax cable not rated at RG6 could affect the signal.

Typical coax cable uses a different standard than RCA. You will need to use a converter box.

All Cable TV receivers are a little different. Look at the back of the Cable box receiver and you should see a coaxial out (TV out) or a HDMI port (TV out-for HD Programming). If you do not have a HDMI out port on your cable box (you need a HDTV for this as well), you will need to run a coax wire from the Cable TV receiver to your television coax input. In most cases your TV will then be tuned to channel 3 or 4 to receive programming. If you have HD programming with your Cable company and have an HDMI out on your Cable box, you can use an HDMI cord and connect it to your HDMI port on your HDTV. You will then need to tune to the HDMI input to receive programming.

It's the coax cable used for Thick Ethernet.

No. The cable provider has to authorize the other modem on the network before it can be used, and they will not do that, since they want you to pay for another cable installation.

Yes, the same shielded coax cable is used for satellite dish and cable.

The BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) connectoris a very common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable.There is no predetemined maximum length for the coax cable. The maximum length of cable is going to be governed by determining the input signal level, the minimum output signal level, and the signal loss based on the length of the cable between the input and minimum output.

The type coax you need depends on the type service you have. For satellite service, we use a higher rated coax cable (RG6) to allow for a higher frequency for channels and back feeding capability. RG59 is a lower rated cable.

Actually, a coaxial cable is used for both modems and TV's.

If you are using the output of an RF modulator (which is not built in to any current gaming console), you can use many different adapters to attach a signal to the coax cable jack. What you cannot do is use a signal that is a RCA composite or component video output from a game console to attach to the coax cable jack. You will need an external RF modulator to generate a signal to appear on channel 3 or 4 of the TV.

It could be star or bus, but historically, coax cable was used in bus architecture.

The system should have a coax cable running from the antenna to a two way RF Splitter with one input and two outputs. One output needs a coax cable run to one TV and another coax cable connected to the second output and run to the second TV set. If the signal is not strong enough, use a powered splitter instead of a passive one.

Maximum length of a coaxial cable is the length from an amplifier over which gain at the highest carrier frequency is consumed , that is to say the cable length at end of which the signal level measured on the cable is equal to the input signal level of the same frequency in to the amplifier. This is derived from the principle of UNITY GAIN.

Speed (fiber is much faster)Length (fiber segments can be much longer than coax)Security (much harder to tap a fiber cable than copper)

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