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To get a certified true copy of SEC registration, visit the department of labor in your county. The courthouse may also be able to issue a copy.

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Q: How do you get certified true copy of Sec registration?
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How do you request a tax exemption letter for Philippines religious organization?

The following requirements to request for tax exemption for non-stock, non profit corporation in the Philippines are: 1. Letter of Application for tax exemption; 2. Certified true Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by the SEC; 3. Certified True copy of Article of Incorporation which must include the following provisions: a.) That the corporation is a non-stock and non-profit; b.) That the primary purpose for which it was created is one of those enumerated under sec. 30 of the Tax code of 1997; c.) That no part of the net income inure to the benefit of any of its members; d.)That the trustee do not received any compensation;and e.) That in case of dissolution, assets of the corporation shall be transferred to similar institution ot to the government. 4,)Certified true copy of By-laws of the Corporation by the SEC; 5.) Income Tax returns with finacial Statements for the last three years of operation unless the non-stock, non-profit corporation is newly incorporated by: Raulito D. Pigar

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What is SEC reporting?

These filings are registration statements, formal and periodic reports and other forms that are provided to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC is a regulatory watchdog, which was created in the 1930s to help stop stock manipulation and fraud.

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When did the power to set accounting standards shift from the FTC to the SEC?

The 1934 act transferred the authority to prescribe accounting methods to the newly established Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and required that financial statements filed with the SEC be certified by an independent public accountant.

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What is SEC form 25-NSE?

A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the termination of registration with the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the role of the SEC Division of Corporation Finance?

The SEC Division of Corporation Finance is in charge of reviewing registration statements as well as other annual and periodic reports. The division establishes standards for economic and financial disclosure.

What is required by the Securities Act of 1933?

The 1933 act requires that a registration statement be filed and accepted by the SEC before securities are offered for sale.

How is the investment adviser registration depository iard related to finra?

FINRA developed and operates the IARD system based on the SEC and NASAA's requirements. The SEC and NASAA chose FINRA to administrate the IARD system due to its technical experience with regulatory depositories and databases.

How do you get a copy of an S-1 Approval Letter from the SEC?

LET ME ASK YOU A ?. WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW SUCH EXISTENCE ABOUT AN S-1 APPROVAL LETTER?? I'm stockjock. Heard about it from a "True Wealth" advertisement for one of their services. Thought that there may be a more direct way to obtain such letters.

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