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Call your state welfare office and ask if they have a program based on your income for health insurance. For instance, MN has "MN CARE" which is funded from cigarette taxes. In state funded programs you have to qualify of course, usually by sending in a copy of your tax forms from last year, and of course if you work now, your proof of income.

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Q: How do you get health insurance if you have been denied and are self employed?
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you go get a lawyer . :)

Is a insurance homeowner claimant compelled to make statement after they have been denied?

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Does your insurance agent tell you if you been denied life insurance?

Yes, he or she should. And further, you should receive an official letter of declination directly from the insurance carrier.

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Yes, but it makes it more difficult to find them once you have been denied. This is why you should always work with a broker!

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Will your health insurance pay first if you are in a car accident?

No. You auto insurance has to pay first before the health insurance will begin to pay. Usually they want a letter from your auto insurance carrier to prove that all medical payments coverage on your auto insurance has been exhausted.

Does your significant other have health or life insurance benefits if you have been employed by Ford and a member of the UAW for over 18 years?

You need to check the terms and conditions of your policies. A significant other generally does not qualify for any benefits of your health policy. A spouse, on the other has the option to be included on your policy with an adjustment to the premium. With life insurance, the "benefit" would be to be named as beneficiary on your policy. You can name anyone you want for that.

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Has Sarah Palin or her family ever been without health insurance?

the answer is its a stupid question.

Why would one need cobra health insurance?

There is a lot of controversy as to whether COBRA Health Insurance is worth buying. It is a temporary insurance that continues coverage at one's own expense if employer sponsored health benefits have been lost. One can find more information about this insurance as well as the controversy surrounding it on the Bankrate website.

Why You Should Have Travel Health Insurance?

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How can i get health insurance for children if I've already been denies for medicaid?

If Medicaid was denied due to income/assets, the children might be eligible for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (your State might have a different name for this). SCHIP provides medical assistance to children whose family income is low but not low enough for Medicaid.However, given that the same agency usually administers both programs, it seems likely that your children's eligibility for SCHIP has already been considered. Also, if Medicaid was denied for some "non-financial" reason, such as citizenship or residence, the children would not be eligible for SCHIP either.

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How do you get health insurance?

As per the healthcare department, open enrollment for health insurance has been over. But there are still 2 ways to get it. If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to a life event - like getting married, losing other coverage, or having a baby.If you qualify for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You can apply for these programs any time. If you live in California, can get the help of Rais Insurance to know full information about health Insurance.

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property damage or liabilities for injuries to others.