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How do you get her to like you?


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September 10, 2007 6:56PM

First and foremost, DO NOT try to be macho. Generally girls HATE that. We can see though you like a sheer blouse in a wet t-shirt contest. Be you! Be the way you are around your male friends, minus the copious farting and conversions about banging the chick from the bar last weekend.

Talk to her, let her know your interests... even if they revolve around cars and video games. Tell her about your favorite movies... but keep that one real. You may tell your friends that you loved the latest Jackass movie, but what movies REALLY hit you as a truly good movie. This tells her allot about you as a person.

Don't dress like a bum on the streets unless you actually are a bum on the streets, but don't wear a suit unless you're a stock broker or insurance salesman. Wear your normal clothes around her but look presentable. There is something to be said for a man who takes pride in his appearance.

Once the ice is broken, feel her our (not feel her up..) and common sense and human instinct will tell you if she's at least somewhat interested. Take it form there. If she really doesn't seem interested after telling her about who you are... the real you and maintaining a presentable appearance and demeanor she's either playing hard-to-get or genuinely isn't interested... most likely not interested.

If that's the case, move on to another gal. There's more of us in the world than you, it's not hard to find a single one. And the concept that the hot or good ones are always taken may seem true, but it's not... it's not. I know allot of gorgeous girls with amazing bodies that have been single for years because no man has come up to her and been straight about who he is and acted as himself.

Good luck boys, we're waiting for you!