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Identical twins are formed when one fertilized eggs splits. Non-identical twins are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized.

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Q: How do you get identical and non identical twins?
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What is the genetic difference between identical and non identical twins?

identical twins have the same genes from the same parents. Non identical twins have different genes.

Do identical or non identical twins share a placenta?

do identical or non identical twins share the same placenta

Are twins are identical or non identical?

Some twins are identical twins, other are not identical twins. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that subsequently splits into two zygotes. Non-identical twins, also called fraternal twins, develop from two different fertilized eggs.

What is the difference between the formation of identical and non identical twins?

With identical twins, a fertilized egg splits in two. With non-identical twins, more than one egg is fertilized.

How are non identical twins made?

non identical twins are made when occasionally during the woman's period she lets two eggs out at the same time, which are fertilised by two sperms to form non identical twins.

Are the cheeky girls identical or non-identical twins?

They are identical.

Why identical and non identical twins are born?

They sometime twins have different chromosome from there parent.

Why are identical twins different from non-identical twins?

Identical twins are formed by the separation of the same embryo containing same genetic coding. thus the the twins are identical as formed from the same embryo. But this is not the case in the non-identical twins as they are formed from the individual embro each having different genetic coding.

What is the difference between identical and non identical twins?

Identical twins are formed from the same fertilized zygote ( which undergoes division in some later period of pregnancy) while non identical twins are formed from two different zygotes

How twins and triplets develop?

Identical twins and non develop diffferently. Identical twins eggs split in two inside the womb while a non-identical twin is from a womb having two eggs

What is different about identical and non-identical twins?

Identicals are exactly the same non identicals are just regular twins that are not nessecarily similar.

What is the difference between idetical and non idetical twins in the way they are found?

The difference between Identical and Non-Identical twins is that Identical twins share the same placenta and are basically identical to one another. Non-Identical twins do not share the same placenta in the womb and two eggs fertilized at time of conception as opposed to one egg splitting in the case of Identical twins. I think that covers the basics. Hope this has clarified things for you.

How are non-identical twins represented?

Non-identical twins are represented on a pedigree chart with a sign thata looks like this: / or called a slash!!! ;)

What is the English word for non-identical twins?

Fraternal twins

Do twins have their own umbilical cord or does it y shape?

Identical twins have to same cord but non-identical do not

Are non-identical twins occur when egg cells turns into embryos on their own?

No, non-identical twins are fraternal twins. They are created when two eggs are fertilized at the same time and become embryos. Identical twins are when a fertilized egg splits into two on its own.

Why are non-identical twins and twins different?

identical twins came from the same fertilized egg that split while fraternal twins came from 2 different fertilized eggs.

How can non identical sheep twins form?

Non-identical twins are when 2 sperm cells fertilize two different eggs during the same pregnancy.

How do non-identical twins form?

Non identical twins are formed when the mother releases two eggs and both those eggs are fertilised. hope this helps :)

How many identical twins were born each year in the UK?

3 identical twins and 55million non-identical....hope it will help

Can taking Clomid increase your chances of conceiving identical twins?

No, however it can increase your chances of having fraternal (non-identical) twins by as much as 1 in 5! No, however it can increase your chances of having fraternal (non-identical) twins by as much as 1 in 5!

What is the name for twins that look different?

Paternal Non-Identical fraternal twins

Are twins more likely to have twins?

I have an identical twin. For me it is no more likely that I will have twins than anyone else because identical twins are just flukes. If you are a non- identical twin and that is because your mother had two eggs, then you may have this too, and it is more likely you will have twins.

Can non-identical twins be the same sex?

Yes, the sex of the fraternal twins has nothing to do with the fact that they are twins.

Do identical or non-identical twins share a placenta?

Yes they do share the same placenta.