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here is some info

Island Def Jam Music Group

825 Eighth Avenue

28th Floor

New York, NY 10019

Phone: 212-333-8000

Fax: 212-603-7931

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Did rihanna go out with ne yo?

No! She didn't. All it was, was a collaboration. Nothing more.!

Does Rihanna wear contact lenses?

Yes she does

How do you get in contact with Rihanna Fenty the singer?


Can you contact Rihanna?

I'm pretty sure you can send a fan letter but that doesn't mean that she herself will read it.. If I could contact her I totally would but Rihanna is very popular and can you imagine just how many people want to contact her? ;)

What is the best way to contact Rihanna?

Stalking her would work.

Which Grammy Awards did Rihanna win?

2008 - "Umbrella" - (Best Rap/Sung Collaboration)2009 - "Run This Town" - (Best Rap/Sung Collaborationand Best Rap Song)2010 - "Only Girl (In the World)" - (Best Dance Recording)

How much money can you get so Rihanna can perform at your birthday party?

Contact her agent.

How do you write a letter to Rihanna?

You can check her Facebook fan page for her contact information.

Does Jake Roach go out with Rihanna?

Not sure, but i know for certain Jake Liam Roach keeps in contact with Rihanna but cause he lives in Maidstone it is hard for them to go out.

What was Rihanna's first award she was given?

Rihanna earned her first award at the 2008 Grammy Awards for best Rap/Sung Collaboration. She also earned 5 other nominations.

How many grammys did jay-z win in 2010?

Three. Best Rap Solo Performance: D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune), Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Run This Town, with Rihanna and Kanye West, and Best Rap Song: Run This Town, with Rihanna and Kanye West.

Can you give me a sentence with the word 'collaboration'?

i would like to thank a co-worker for her collaboration in working on a case. How do i use collaboration in that sentence

What are the example telecommunication software?

SharePoint - Local and Web Based CollaborationHyperOffice - Online CollaborationGroupWise - Local CollaborationJive - Social Network CollaborationGetThere - Face-to-Face Collaboration

How can you connect Rihanna?

You can contact her through her official twitter: or mail her at work: Island RecordsIsland Records825 Eighth AvenueNew York, NY 10019

What is the opposite meaning of collaboration?

Coercion is the opposite of collaboration.

What is deep collaboration?

It is a strong, true and effective collaboration.

How do you say collaboration in French?

"la collaboration" (fem.)

Is Rihanna a man?

No, Rihanna is not a man. Rihanna is a woman.

Is Rihanna a guy?

No, RIhanna is not a guy. Rihanna is a woman.

Is lupe fiasco retired?

no he is not. he's on the Glow in the Dark tour with Kanye West, N.E.R.D., and Rihanna right now and has already confirmed that he will release one more solo album -LupEND - and a CRS collaboration album.

What is Rihanna mixed with?


Who is better Rihanna or Cassie?

for me rihanna rihanna because she can sing and do more stuff then Cassie

Meaning of foreign collaboration?

foreign collaboration can be financial collaboration or technical collaboration . in case of financial collaboration is inflow of foreign investment takes place , but in case of technical collaboration refers to inflow of technology ,franchises,patents,for which foreign partner get lump sum fee or royalty for specified period or specified rate .

Whereis Rihanna from?

Where is Rihanna from?Rihanna is from St. Michael, Barbados.

Was Rihanna pregnant at her wedding?

Rihanna did not have a wedding and Rihanna is not pregnant.