How do you get into a locked car?

Unlock the door Answer 2 If you can find a piece of flexible yet strong piece of metal (a coat hangar,etc.) slide it between the door and window near the side mirror (either side) and push the unlock button on the armrest. get a silmjim, its kinda like a flimsy metal strip its got notches cut in one end so it makes it easy to unlock the door. Its not the easiest thing to manouver between the window and the outside of the door, but its the most efficient. Slide it between the window and the door, and bring it to the side of the door that the lock is on. ( the part where the thing pops up when its unlocked) this might take you a while but it most likely will work. Keep sliding it around that part of the door, until you find that it hooks something. pull up on that thing, not too hard, and its most likely to be the lock. TADA!