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Unlock the door Answer 2 If you can find a piece of flexible yet strong piece of metal (a coat hangar,etc.) slide it between the door and window near the side mirror (either side) and push the unlock button on the armrest. get a silmjim, its kinda like a flimsy metal strip its got notches cut in one end so it makes it easy to unlock the door. Its not the easiest thing to manouver between the window and the outside of the door, but its the most efficient. Slide it between the window and the door, and bring it to the side of the door that the lock is on. ( the part where the thing pops up when its unlocked) this might take you a while but it most likely will work. Keep sliding it around that part of the door, until you find that it hooks something. pull up on that thing, not too hard, and its most likely to be the lock. TADA!

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Q: How do you get into a locked car?
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When was Locked in the Trunk of a Car created?

Locked in the Trunk of a Car was created in 1992.

Can they do Repossession on your locked property?

can my car be repossesed from my locked back yard

How do you get in locked cars in gta vcs psp?

You cannot get in to the locked cars.Try to have another car.If the car is locked then it is impossible to get in.

How do you break in a car in gta sa?

You can't break into locked cars, but if you get a tow truck and tow the locked car into one of your garages and save the game, the car will be unlocked.

Will AAA cover the cost of a car locksmith if you locked your keys in the car?

No, AAA will not cover the cost of a car locksmith if you locked your keys in the car. Such an incident is considerd as personal fault and has nothing to do with insurance.

How do you get a locked ignition out of a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?

You can't get a locked ignition out of a 1992 Lincoln Town Car. Turn the ignition on to take it out

Who can repair a locked steering wheel?

A locked steering wheel can be repaired by a locksmith or a car dealer.

How do you fix a locked car?

Break the windo

If you locked the keys to your 2002 Mercedes C240 in your gastank which locks if the car is locked will you be able to get your keys from the gastank if the car is unlocked by a locksmith?

On to of the fridgerator where you left them stupid!

What do you do if you locked your keys in your car?

If you locked your own keys in your own car, you would need to call a locksmith to open the door and get them out. You would need to pay him for that service.

How can you open a key less car door?

if the car is locked no if its unlocked yes

How much does a locksmith charge to get my car open after I locked the keys in it in Burke, VA?

If you locked the keys in your car in Burke, VA, a ocksmith will charge anywhere from $50 to $200 to get your car open. The rate varies depending on the car model.

How do you unlock a Subaru with keys locked inside?

My subaru keys are locked inside. Is there anyway of getting into the car?

Can a vehicle be repossessed from a locked garage in Texas?

The car can only be repossessed from a locked garage if the car is spotted in the garage from a window or a crack, but the repo company cannot enter the garage if the car was not visibly spotted.

Would your car dealer have you locked up for not making payments?

No, they'd repossess your car.

Is There a certain way you can park your car to stall the repossesion of your car?

park in a locked garage

What does the Dashboard warning light shaped like a car with a lock mean?

Your car is locked

If your in a car crash Will locked car doors open in a crash?

Only if someone unlocks them.

How do you leave sunroof open when locked?

you open the sunroof,get out of the car and lock the car with your keys

Are repo men allowed to go in a locked garage?

In most states no, they cannot break into a locked garage to get the car.

Why did tony yayo get locked up?

yayo was locked up for possession of a hand gun in his car and a forged passport

How can a person get a locked car door open if the key is locked inside?

If the spare key to the car is not readily available, call a car rescue company such as the AA, RAC or Green flag who should be able to assist you in getting your car door open.

What would you do if your were locked in your car for 41 hours?


Can a person go into a locked garage in Virginia to repo a car and can they move another car by force to get to it?

NO locked anything in any state. CALL a local atorney for state specific advice.

How far will the car skid with locked brakes at 90 miles per hour if A car at 30 miles per hour skidds 40 feet with locked brakes?

360 feet.