How do you get into the Radio Broadcasting business without a college education?

Here's an idea: Volunteer at your local campus radio station doing anything! While you are there and without being disruptive, be inquisitive about the area that you would like specialize in. Ask to be involved. Get to know and learn from the people who are already doing it. The experience you will gain from mentoring with a pro is invaluable to a prospective employer. You could also attend a trade school for broadcasting but be careful about which one you choose. Look for a school that is accredited by a national body and one that can offerfederal grants and loans (like Pell and Stafford). Be wary of schools that offer scholarships or discounts and never trust a school that claims to have "limited enrollment" and saysyou are one of the "select few" who qualifies for entry. There are probably more scams out there than legitimate schools so do your research before committing any money. Good luck! Broadcasting is an excellent business.