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How do you get license to buy freon?

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AnswerTo buy freon, you must obtain an ODP card. This can be done buy taking a course at your local college, provided you are an apprentice of some sort that requires the use of this product. If you get this card, remember that you are responsibe to keep a record of every ounce of freon used, if you recovered any, and what you put it in.
2014-04-04 19:57:54
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Q: How do you get license to buy freon?
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Related Questions

Where can you buy r22 freon?

you have to have an ozone depletion license to buy it now.

Do you need license to buy 404 freon?

epa certs

How do you add freon to your janitrol heat-pump?

In order to buy freon you need a license, therefore you shouldn't attempt to add freon. Call a contractor to service your unit.

What type of freon goes into the air condition of a 1993 Toyota Camry?

The freon should be R12, Which requires a license to buy these days and is very expensive. You can buy a kit to convert it to R134 freon, You should check with your local auto parts store for prices

How do you get a license to buy freon replaced that has been lost?

Obtain ASE certification in heating and AC systems.

Does one need a license to handle freon in Arizona?

Home freon and R-12 freon for vehicles (yes) but not R134a freon which you can get at any autozone..................

Can anyone buy freon 422B or 422A?

R-422a and R-422b are both R-134 based chemicals and do not contain HCFC's or CFC's which means you do not have to have a license to buy it.

Can you buy r22 freon from walmart?

Wal-Mart do not have r22 freon, this is a false ad.

How do you get the freon out of a car Or can you buy it from a car store?

On all years, makes and models you will need to go to any automotive a/c repair shop and have them reclaim this for you.... (Do not just let it out in the atmosphere this is illegal)....... Depending of if your have R-12 freon or R134A freon you can buy the R134a freon at any auto parts store but you need to be licensed to buy R-12 freon.........

Where to buy freon?

R134a freon for automotive use is available at your local auto parts store.

Who is responsible if someone other than the license holder uses the freon?

If caught whoever is using the freon without a licence will get a fine from the EPA

How do you recharge freon in an older soda machine?

Short answer- you don't. You must be licensed and have special equipment to handle older freons. If you don't know how, you don't have the license, and you will not be allowed to buy the older Freon. BTW, the older Freons like R-12 are incredibly expensive.

Can you buy bullets without a license?

yes you can buy bullets without a license you can also buy cartridges without a license.

Can you buy a car with a restricted license?

Yes you can buy a car with a restricted license. You can actually buy a car with no license if you like.

Can you add freon to your central air conditioner your self?

i would not do it.. Epa requires to you have a license to purchase and use certain type of hfc and cfc freon

How do I refill freon in a Nissan Maxima 2006?

You take it to a professional, the freon you buy in the store is not what your car needs !

Can you buy freon for your window air conditioner?

No, you have to call a repair man to come do it for you, unless you have to have a licences to work with freon.

Since the CA law prohibits freon where can you get freon installed in your 1990 Buick lasabre in California?

CA law does not prohibit freon in general. It prohibits R-12 type freon. You need to convert your AC system to R-134 freon, which costs about $35 in parts, and can be done at home if you have the mechanical training. R-134 freon is legal to purchase without a license.

Can you buy a motorcycle with out a license in MA?

yes. it is possible to buy a motorcycle without a license but you have to get your license before you operate it

Do you have to have a license to buy chemicals off the internet?

If you'd be required to have a license to buy these items from a retailer, you'd still need the appropriate license to buy them online.

You do not have a license can you buy a car?

You do not have to have a license to buy a car if the dealer approves. Some car dealerships prefer the buyer to have a license.

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

Can u buy a motorcycle without a license in Florida

Can you buy a car with an out of state license in North Carolina?

Sure, buy it, then license it in your state.

Can you buy a car without a drivers license in DC?

you can buy a car with out a license in DC

If you want to buy a motorcycle but have no license can you buy it?

You can't buy it because you have to insure it and license it, and to do that you need a valid drivers license. You can however have one of your parents put the title and insurance in their name until you get your license.