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The only way to get mod weapons is to hack or become a mod so good luck.

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Q: How do you get mod weapons on Adventure Quest?
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How do you delete spells or weapons in adventure quest?

You sell them.

Adventure quest worlds can you create your own weapons?

Yes i can

How do you steal weapons and armor in adventure quest?

u do a poo

Good weapons on adventure quest worlds?

Piston driven polearm

In adventure quest worlds can you get bows as weapons?

Not yet, maybe in a later version of it.

Adventure quest world codes for weapons?

oicu812 gets you a sword. Tikigodzood

How do people wield two weapons on adventure quest worlds?

just buy a dagger from a store and then you will have two weapons.

Can you really get free weapons on Adventure Quest?

You get a free guardian blade when becoming a guardian.

How do you make member weapons free play weapons on adventure quest worlds?

not possible. you have to buy membership, there are no cheats whatsoever.

How do you put adventure quest weapons on pivot?

It is impossible to set your weapons to private. Also along with your armor except for helm and cape.

What shop do you sell weapons in on adventure quest?

You can sell your weapons at any shop just find one and click sell you items.

Can healers use 2 weapons at a time in adventure quest worlds?

yes they can if it's a dagger