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How do you get mold off of a patio umbrella?

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I use Tilex soap scum remover. Wet it, spray it ,brush it , if needed and rinse..

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What are the benefits of a garden umbrella?

A garden umbrella is the same thing as a patio umbrella. The difference between an offset and patio umbrella is that the patio umbrella's rod is in the center whereas the offset umbrella's rod is to the side so that the umbrella hangs over your furniture. An offset umbrella would be sturdier than a patio umbrella.

Can I just purchase a patio umbrella or do I have to purchase the table also?

Yes, you can just purchase the patio umbrella without having to buy a new set as long as the patio table has a whole cut out for an umbrella. I purchased my patio umbrella at Target.

Where do I get a patio umbrella cover?

I bought my patio umbrella cover at Target sells everything you need for your patio from umbrella covers to furniture and more. I got everything I needed there.

Where can I get patio umbrella clearance?

Walmart or Target will both be good places to buy a patio patio umbrella. Lots of styles and colors. They have metal, wood, and wicker so they can pretty much cover your patio umbrella needs

Where can I get a good umbrella? is a link to a very good, cheap, affordable patio umbrella. It is 10 Ft. Tall and fits most patio tables with a patio umbrella hole.

what are benefits of patio umbrella parts?

Patio umbrella parts can replace old parts of a patio umbrella, making a old umbrella work just like new for less than half the price of buying a new one.

Where can I buy an umbrella stand?

You can't enjoy a patio umbrella if it's flat on the floor. Prop it up with a patio umbrella stand. With stylish options to choose from, and a variety of weights, our patio umbrella stands are sure to get the job done.

How do you kill black mold on outside patio?

How do you kill black mold on outside patio?

Where can I get an offset umbrella?

The Offset Umbrella is a specific brand of patio umbrellas that are sold at Home Depot. This is a an outside umbrella that covers certain patio furniture.

Get the Most out of Your Umbrella Stand?

A great tip to get the most out of your umbrella stand is to take down the umbrella stand, along with your patio umbrella, when you are not using them. This will help keep the patio umbrella stand and your patio umbrella safe from damaging winds. When you are ready to use them, simply break them out and enjoy a nice day outside.

How much is a commercial patio umbrella?

A commercial patio umbrella range from 50 to 150 dollars most of patio umbrella are high quality and durable and should last from a range of 3 to 5 years.

How tall should a patio umbrella be?

The average height of a patio umbrella is eight feet tall. However, you may want to buy and install a patio umbrella which is higher than eight feet tall. The taller the umbrella, the more shade it will create.

Where can I buy a custom patio umbrella?

You can by a custom patio umbrella at the online store please visit the following sites:, and

Where can one buy patio umbrella lights online?

Amazon sells patio umbrella lights on their online store website. Other places that sell patio umbrella lights online are: Target, Overstock and Walmart.

Proper Care of a Patio Umbrella?

In the summertime, an 11' patio umbrella is great for keeping cool in the hot weather. During the half of the year you aren't using your umbrella, however, correctly storing the umbrella is important to avoid mold, odor and damaged fabric. Wipe the umbrella down thoroughly with soap, and dry it until it's free of moisture. If you have a plastic casing, insert it into the case, and store it somewhere dry and dark.

What in the world are umbrellas patio?

An umbrella patio is an umbrella for your patio furniture. It typically goes in the middle of the table and screws in. It blocks the sun from you so you can enjoy your deck furniture.

Where can I buy an umbrella cover for my patio umbrella?

I suggest trying home depot, I know that they have patio coverings as a seasonal item. had a huge selection of patio covers and umbrellas.

Does the patio table umbrella normally come with patio furniture sets or is it sold separately?

You can buy patio furniture with the umbrella included, but many times you will find that it is sold separately.

What is a good wind resistant patio umbrella?

If you are looking for a strong wind resistant patio umbrella, I would highly recommend checking out They offer great patio umbrellas.

Where can I get a unique patio umbrella?

You can get a a unique patio umbrella at many websites online. Here are just a few I found at the websites,, and,

How do I begin to look for a patio umbrella extension pole?

You can look for a patio umbrella extension pole at your local hardware store or lumber store. If they sell patio furniture then they should have one.

How to Display a Red Patio Umbrella?

Red is a bold color that few know how to properly display. A red patio umbrella should be the focus of the patio. Red can be placed in the accessories of a patio; however, there should not be competition for attention from the other large elements. The color scheme of the rest of the patio should be relatively calm, with the red patio umbrella grabbing all attention.

What kind of patio umbrella and stand is recommended for my outdoor patio?

I would recommend the Tahiti stands and also the Tahiti umbrella. This patio furniture can be found at Sears. The Tahiti stands only cost $99.97. The Dakota umbrella costs a little more, but I would also recommend the Dakota umbrella.

Can you get a patio umbrella that doesnt attach to a table?

I do believe you can find a patio umbrella that doesn't attach to a table. A good place to start looking would be your local discount store like Walmart. Where you place a patio umbrella has more to do with the umbrella base or stand than it does the table. A table does help to stabilize the umbrella but it is not necessary. By getting a heavier umbrella stand or even a rolling umbrella stand you can place your outdoor umbrella any where you want to.

Where are patio umbrella repair parts?

if your patio umbrealla broke then you can get parts from here One of the most common patio umbrella parts that wears out and people replace is the canopy, canvas, or shade.