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Why don't you find out if he likes you before you start trying to get over him... if you don't know, maybe he likes you and you can have him! (hint: ask him out!)

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I dont know excactly but i have guy friends over a lot but if he comes over just to be with you alone, then he probably likes you. If you dont know just ask him. :-)

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

you get over them its most likley they dont even know who you are sorry kid

Ask him out!if you dont ask him out you will never know if he likes you or not.And if he doesnt like you get over it you dont have to sit around all day pouting there are plenty of fishes out in the sea.go for it!

you dont know what love is but over the year you begin to grasp ,what you believe ,love is but i dont think anyone really knows what love is in the first place and it takes a long time to really know anyway but the bestt way to know is to get to knowhim/her

Cat can tell if you love them my seance if you constantly hit them over and over again they will think you don't love them and they will try to escape out doors and windows so be careful of that but if you were to let your cat do its own thing and only hit it when its really bad they know that you love them so DONT hit your cat unless you DONT love them

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

You don't know. You can either get over being "too shy" and ask, or you can just remain ignorant on the subject for the rest of your life.

Love itself is not over. Love is never over. Love does its job. One cannot choose a person for them to love. Well, they can but if love is over in their relationship, then they are over but love is not over. Love can never be over coz it does what it needs to do. There are different kinds of love. There are too many of them like love for money, love for material world, love for life, love for self, love for friends, love for family, love for likes and so on. Love is undying. If its love for a relationship, you can say love is over IF the relationship is over. But you can still love each other as friends. Love is over only in the love relationship. Love can also be over if hatred gets in the way. In my philosophy, a person who hates people, loves to hate people. Love is undying and when you think it's over, it's not coz there are some people you know who loves you back.

it means he likes you. dont over analize anything a guy says

Well I dont know why .But the girls need to understand that her boyfriend dont love her , obviously heloves the girlhe is cheating on her with . I dont understand that girls love someone that loves someone else !


You'll know if he likes you if his dick goes hard when you bend over..

Be what the guy likes. If he likes bad girls, be one, if he likes tomboy's, be one, if he likes girlie girls, be one! Just keep on trying over and over again.

Well if you don't know if he likes you or not and your not going out with him I would slap him over the head and tell him to get a life! But if you let him do that you might want to lay low because you don't want guys to think that your easy!

It probably means that she still loves you or likes you or she wants to know if you ever got over her because maybe she didn't.

No, but they are friends. Sokka likes Suki and Yue. Sokka likes BOTH Yue and Suki. he cant get over Yue, but he loves suki. As Said they are friends. And It is true that he likes both of them. But who knows if he likes three. There is one book left ya know.

i dont know actually maybe,well i know over 100 but i love chow chows they are so cute.

you know that your over him/her if you realy dont think about them a lot.

No. she will not Because she wants to know if ben likes her Because she wants to know if ben likes her

by paring up with them on a project and talk to him about talking over the phone about it then you' ll get his #.and if he ask for yours you know he likes you just dont ask him out

you dont love this boy, if you want to end the relationship with him?

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