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How do you get over a parting of ways with someone you love?

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you never do.

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What are the best ways to tell someone you are in love with him or her?

Just simply tell them that you love them.

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Why do you love your friend even if she doesnt like you?

because you love her ways. To truly love someone you must love what you share.

How to get over some one you still love?

The following are ways to get over someone you love:Eat a lot of food.Get a hobby.Get a new mate.Out of sight, out of mind. Avoid listening to "your song", stop going to "your restaraunts", and maybe move.

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What does it mean when someone says they are over you?

Usually that they do not love you any more. They don't have the same feelings for you that they used to, and they don't think about you in the same ways or as often.

How do you get over a lover who doesn't love you anymore?

Wow that's a tough queastion. How do you get over someone who you love that dousnt love you anymore...Its one of the most painful things to experience and even harder to get over BUT it can be done. Im talking from personal experience here. There is a program ''LoveShock'' that takes you through the steps of getting over someone..I read the book while i was in the same situation and it helped alot. Just knowing that your not the only person out there helps. There are ways to get over it.

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What is the difference of loving someone and being in love with someone?

loving someone is when you know that person very well and you share more than love with him/her. being in love with someone/something can be something you ''just'' found out. it doesn't have a ''safe titel'' and it doesn't have to be feelings from both ways, you can be in love everyother day in somethingor someone.

Is caring the same as love?

It depends on how much and what you care about.I mean you can care about someone without loving them.You can also love and care for them too.Do you care how they feel about you,do you care that they are seeing someone else.Or are you just concerned about their welfare.There's many different ways to care about someone and not all of them mean love.I could write of alot of ways to tell if someones in love but you are the only one who can tell if it is.Hope it's love theres never enough of that going around.Marty You can care about someone. You can love someone. And you can be IN love with someone. If you are in love, usually you also love and care about the person. But just because you care about someone doesn't mean you love them. ~ T

Can just friends say they love each other?

yes there is many was to love someone . You can love someone as having a stroung connection but that dose not mean it's physacail . I love my friend in diffent ways so yes .

How do you get any woman to love you?

Not everyone is going to love you, but the best bet is to be yourself. The attraction has to go both ways and changing yourself to what you think someone wants just makes it harder to sustain over the long haul.

How do you get over someone you love and you are best friends with them and you use to go out?

honestly i dont theres a ways to forget about some you love (expesially if it your first love) im in the same situation an sucks i kno but tyhe best thing to do is to try and be away from them for a little while

What is meant by Have a great night?

Saying, "Have a great night" is a common phrase used to wish someone a good night when parting ways This can be said in person or through other channels of communication and it is considered to be a sign of care.

How do you cope if you part ways with the one you love?

Parting from the one you love 'wounds the tender heart' so it's best to surround yourself with those that love you in another way such as family and friends. You are going to go through a grieving process much like grieving over a loved one that has died. It hurts, but eventually it will wane. Go out with friends and it will take you a little time to start to enjoy life again, but you will. By going out with friends you will open up another chapter of your life and you are now free to meet that special someone that really should be in your life.

What is the i love you too in Muslim?

There are many ways to express to someone that you love them. If you are learning the Muslim language, the proper phrase to say "I love you too" is Ana Ahebak.

How is love defined?

It can be many ways. One is a strong feeling for someone else another is a feeling.