How do you get over being dumped when your pregnant?

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You blame the child when its really your fault. Then when you are in your forties, and your child doesnt like you but tolerates you because of your mistake, you meet up with the one that wanted to be with you but you didnt, pathetic as it may seem he is settling for leftovers, meaning you because the babys dad really isn't the one who was hurt and has already gotten what he wanted out of you and moved on. The reason he left was because he does not want to settle with YOU and wants to get as much sex as possible. Better to have something than nothing even if it is settling:P
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Why does he keep dumping you and then come back over and over?

Answer . Because you are a class A "Enabler!" You allow this behavior to go on and the question is, "Why have you lost your self esteem?" \n. \nPlease think of this:\n. \nHe comes waltzing into your place, has a relationship with you (more than likely sexually as well) then grows bored, takes ( Full Answer )

How do you get over being dumped if he called every day sent text messages and said he loved you and you slept together 3 times but now he never calls and you're confused and a complete mess?

Hi there. Sorry your going through this. Its horrible, I know. Can I ask you though how the events came about? Your question is to vague. In the meantime though what you can do is what Im doing (which seems to help). Avoid him. Avoid all places and people related to him in any way. being around mutu ( Full Answer )

How do you feel better after being dumped?

Answer . Time. I know that it sounds stupid and does not help right now, but time will help you to heal. Good luck and God Bless:). Answer . Most of the time it's just a matter of having a "life" that doesn't include your X. Go out and meet people. Do something that has no goal toward gettin ( Full Answer )

How do get over feeling so unworthy after an abuser used and dumped you?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMentally or Physically, abuse is abuse. You need to realize that you are worth more, and realize what you were missing out on in meeting men or women who truly respect and appreciate you. I'm sure before this relationship, you were completely confident of yourself. Just ( Full Answer )

What if your boyfriend wants to dump you but you are pregnant and he is not speaking to you?

Does he know you are pregnant? How old are you? If he knows you are pregnant and he still wants nothing to do with you don't worry. You can handle this. Get as much emotional support you can from family and friends. Find people who can help you through this and have faith in yourself that you can do ( Full Answer )

How do you get over being dumped?

When you have just been dumped it is important to understand what went wrong in the relationship so that it can be remedied in the future. There is not point making the same mistake again in another relationship. After you can have another go at the relationship or you just might want to move on. ( Full Answer )

What is the of teens being a single mom because their boyfriend has dumped them when they found out they were pregnant?

Teen mum's are mainly left to raise the child on their own, most probably because the teen father is to much of a coward to face up to what has happened. Girl's cannot get themselve's pregnant its down to the boy's as well, it takes two to tango, if boy's cannot face up to getting a girl pregnant at ( Full Answer )

How do you move forward after being dumped?

After being dumped and you want to move on....Hmmmmm.Alright try your best not to think of that person.Start to flirt with others and get to know them.Afterwards ask that person out if you really like them and hey fell the same way of you.REMINDER:DO NOT DO ANY OF THE ABOVE IF THIS PERSON HAS A BOY/ ( Full Answer )

How do you make sure your over a guy before dumping him?

Usually when you breakup with someone the time after and apart is the time you spend getting over him. If your not sure if you want to stay with him or not and don't want to break up with him incase you still want him try making a list of pros and cons for staying with him vs not and take time away ( Full Answer )

How do you deal with being dumped?

hang out with your friends and just forget about the guy or girl and just have fun and live life! if u've been dumped ingnore it!, dont go round sayin u dumped her, cuz ppl will start finding out and probably start ganging up on u! just forget bou it find someone else

How do you dump your boyfriend over the summer?

If you just plan on "dumping" your boyfriend for the summer in hopes to pick things back up after the summer - things just don't work that way. With that being said be honest, straight forward and polite - simply let him know you want to end the relationship between you at this time.

Phone call after being dumped?

If you have recently been "dumped" then its best to give one another space and don't pester, pressure or bother this person as it will only push them away. I realize you may be sad and want to call to try and smooth things over as well as try to possibly get them back but at this point the best thin ( Full Answer )

What happens after being dumped by a narcissist?

Give yourself time to look at the situation as it all happens really quickly you are on a rollarcaster ride from start to end and it doesnt stop when they leave you not straight away but it does get better as you realise that they are the ones with the problem and you was just unfortunate to be ther ( Full Answer )

How do you get over being constantly afraid of your boyfriend dumping you He says he loves you and takes good care of you but you are still always worried he is going to leave you?

\nYour boyfriend of yours really does love you if he says that. Usually. Do not take my last word personally, but it is true. Now, do not think you are a worry wart. Really, many girls think that their boyfriend won't be with them long. The answer is to tell your boyfriend this. Tell him how and wha ( Full Answer )

How do you cope with just being dumped?

If you have just been dumped,go home and cry it all out. then, if that doesnt help, go out for a while and try to get your mind off of it.

How can you get over being dumped by your boyfriend?

Yes.. It's hard to believe but it is possible. My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend, and they have been going out for longer then a year.. We just try to make sure we stay off the topic, and she tries to surround herself with the people that make her the happiest(: (another person) ( Full Answer )

How do you deal with being used and then dumped?

I recently gut dumped, then figured out i was being used. My ex-boyfriend was using me for one of my best friends, who dumped him last year! Well she's dating him now, and it kinda ruined our friendship. The best things to do is show your ex, and the person he used you for, than you don't need them. ( Full Answer )

How do you deal with being dumped by a drug addictsociopath out of the blue after being so loving and giving?

You move on by getting a better someone. Shouldn't be too hard.. Buy a hot new outfit and go get hit on to help boost your self esteem.. Do not get back together with them. Drug addicts are abusive. Emotionally mostly, because they take advantage of your loving and giving. They don't have emotiona ( Full Answer )

Should you dump your bf if hes being mean?

depends. guys have a sort of pms thing to. not literally. but they need space. give him space. if he does it repeatadly, dump the loser for another guy

Your ex girlfriend dumped you How do you fully get over her?

You can't make it just go away. Time heals. Most of us have gone through this experience, and it's never an easy one to go through. Still, you will bounce back, but it just takes some time. Start dating, it will take off the edge.

Why is gibsons' robot guitar being dumped?

Probably due to it's LACK OF popularity. A lot of people don't want to pay that much more just for a self tuning sytem. . Surely therefore due to its LACK of popularity. . Yes sorry, I forgot to put that =p

What can you do when you were dumped by pregnant girlfriend?

If she is a minor or both of you are then it's possible her parents forced her to stop seeing you. It is a shock for parents to learn that their daughter is pregnant at a young age. If this is the case then it would be wise for you to tell your parents and see if you and your girlfriend's families c ( Full Answer )

Being friends after ex girlfriend dumped?

This is always a tricky situation , as there are bound to be some hurt feelings, and some possible jealousy when a new man shows up on the scene. Best to be friends at a distance til you feel comfortable with any new situation . Some girls will keep an ex sort of dangling in case they need an escort ( Full Answer )

How do you get over you girlfriend when she dumps you?

Try to find someone new! If you are feeling blue and sad, then the best thing to take your mind of it is to make yourself go out and meet other friends. You need to socialise when this happens and when you do you have more chance of finding somebody new who you will like/love as you did before with ( Full Answer )

Will a girl dump you for being poor in bed?

She shouldn't but she may if she is shallow. If she does dump you because you are poor in bed the you're probably better off without her anyway.

What might a person do after being dumped?

Depends on the way he/she is dumped.....and on the length of the relationship...and on what he/she expects out of the relationship....... and on whether or not he/she expects being dumped.......... and on whether he/she is an extrovert or an introvert.No one likes being dumped unless the"subject" is ( Full Answer )

How do you get over a girl who dumped you but you still love her with all your heart?

Realize that if she broke up with you then she obviously doesn't deserve to be with you. If you were good to her and she left you , then you're too good for her. You deserve better than that. But if it's your fault tell her what you did and why and try to convince her that you did wrong and want her ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if you dream about being pregnant over and over again?

You reali want a baby... . A different response: In dreams, pregnancy often represents an idea, project or task that the dreamer is developing. This repetitive dream could represent a project that is very important to the dreamer. Alternatively, it could represent an idea or project that the drea ( Full Answer )

How do you get over a guy you went out with for 7 months until he dumped you?

I'm not an expert but I recomend the song by Sara Evans, A Little Bit Stronger... I recommend picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, an get back out there. You will be fine. There is a man for every woman and a woman for every man. If you want revenge however, contact the Call of duty fan1 mess ( Full Answer )

What to do when you being dumped?

remember that whenever someone leaves you it simply means that their part in your story is over and that god made them go before they be the main reason of sadness in your life :) amen.. hahaha true that

How deal with being dumped?

Move on it is hard to let go some time but you have to learn that he or she did it for a reson and don't let them come bake they never know what thay have entel its gone