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Don't worry about being shy, because "shy" is refreshing in this day and age. There are more people out there that are shy than not. It's best if you let him tell you how he feels and he'll probably do this as your relationship goes on. If you aren't dating then it's OK to ask him out, but before you do, be sure you are mentally ready for rejection. None of us like rejection, but all of us have experienced it. Being attracted to someone is all about chemistry and it either mixes or it doesn't. Don't risk a good relationship because you are afraid of being rejected. It's not personal. I'd rather someone be honest with me than take me for a ride I don't want to be on. So, take a deep breath, and do something about this. Don't tell him you like him, just take it slow and easy and let him make the first move. Body language says it all. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you get over being shy?
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I kinda shy to ask her to marry what do i do?

If it's important, you have to get over being shy. Dorp a hint and see what she says.

What should you do to get a girlfriend if you are shy and not sociable?

Stop being shy and start being socialable.

Is shy an emotion?

Yes, one being shy is an emotion. An individual who is shy lacks self confidence and it can be genetic if one or both parents are on the shy side. There is nothing wrong with anyone being shy. There are many individuals who are shy and uncomfortable, but they just hide it better.

How do you become friends with someone you don't often see and you're kind of shy?

Talk to them when you see them. if you're shy then you'll get over it by getting the nerve to talk to people. being shy usually lasts as long as you allow it to last

Why do some boys try to play shy to get a girl?

Because They See All The OTher Boys Being Too Over Confident And Cocky But Never Getting The Girl So If He Plays Shy He May JUst Win Her Over

How does a shy person in middle school go from shy to loud and popular without being thought of as weird?

it can't happen, unless it happens over a very long period of time

How can you get over being shy?

Get used to the person, Start talking alot more, like on the phone, Hang out in person and get to know each other and it will be come alot better. Trust me I'm very shy.

How do you tell a guy you like him if he is shy?

Just tell him as soon as you have he will stop being shy.

When a shy girl bends over in front of her crush is she just being desperate?

no not always. probably just a slag llol x

Why are hermit crabs shy?

Some are not shy they are scared. Not of you just of being around a new place.

What are some examples of Johnny Cade being shy in the Outsiders?

he was always shy around girls and people and it said in the book that he was always shy

Being a shy boy?

Answer : your not very good

How do you stop being shy and socialize?


Is being shy a good reason for a guy not to go out with you?

If you want to go out with a guy, it might be hard if your shy.

How do you stop being shy?

You just get tired of people running over you and then you break your shell and come out of the shyness. Just give it time it comes when it comes, it cant be me i was shy once and it feels good to have broken my shell!!!

Who is the Egyptian Shy god?

I think "Shy" might be Shay, personified destiny or Shu the sky god. There is not a god or goddess of being shy as such in Egyptian mythology.

How do you get a really shy guy in your band to go up to you and talk to you if you're really shy yourself?

You cant make someone do something they don't want to. You need to get out of your safezone and go up to him and make conversation. You can get over being shy if you want to bad enough. It's definitely but it may pay off.

How should you approach you girlfriend if she says she likes you over MSN but when you are together she seems shy and reserved?

She IS shy and reserved. Over MSN she can let down her inhibitions and express herself. After she is truly comforatable being around you, she'll be the same way in person. Give her time. Be honest. Be open. Be yourself.

How do you cure being shy?

Practice speaking aloud to your family, then your friends, then by that time you shouldbe able to not be shy to anyone.

What phobia is the fear of speed cameras?

Its called being camera shy and yes that is what I have >^.^< I'm super camera shy

How do you know if a guy likes you if you are shy?

if he always smiles at you or if jokes around about you being shy. that usually means he likes you!

What do you hope to gain by entering this pageant whether or not you win the crown?

You get confidence and poise and you just feel good about yourself. Also you can get over being shy

Is kip Moore shy?

Being a performer, not likely.

How do you talk to your boyfriend if you're shy?

well first you hang out with him an if you shy go home an txt him an tell him that you shy around him then he will tell you that you something like that's not GOOD or we have to work on you not being shy boys have diffrent kinds of minds or just keep being shy but you might not like what happens next im going threw this problem right now im to shy to talk to him but then i txt him an its all better

What can you do to not be shy?

Just think about this- When ever you have been shy in the past, after you did what you were shy about, are you embarrassed of doing that? Or do you wish that you would have done more? Just do what you want to do and get it over with, and try to have fun.