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How do you get over the pain and rejection when you are still in love with someone and they do not feel the same?


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There is no doubt that time is all powerful and it heals all wounds. But then when in love do you really want to get way with that wound and the pain. Yes if sever all contact with that person, and better still and mutual contacts as well, it will help you in getting rid of the painful feeling, a feeling of worthlessness. It sure will. But then what will you do, if that person asks you to be a friend but doesn't commit to love. Will you still be so strong as to sever all ties with him/her. The important point, according to me, is to understand whether you want to get rid of the painful feeling or not. People will say that there are millions of people out of which you have to find the one who truly loves you. Let me ask you this. Are you willing to compromise by letting go someone you loved. Why would you have to go out to find out someone else..why not just the one you love. People will say, you deserve something better, or that future has lot better in store for you and you just need to see around. Are you REALLY looking for someone BETTER than the one you love?? You dont. Right? So what will you do..enjoy the pain dear. Its worth it. Its YOUR feeling. Learn from it. Be a little more better person than you are. Are you asking me why to become "a little more better person" when you dont get your love in the end? It is because, no matter whether you get your love or you dont, all wound does heal with time and yours will too..its the way of nature. So, if you haven't got the one you love, and in turn become "a little more better person" than who can be NEXT TIME LUCKY. so cheer up...go for the one you love whole-heartedly. Even if the one you love is DESTINED to be of someone, dont believe it even for a second and you never know.......As Paulo wrote in his gem "Alchemist" ..When you truly love someone or soemthing the entire universe conspire to help you achieve that..


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you cant force someone to love you but don't be scared of rejection tell him how you feel!

Yes i have feel in love with someone!!!

Tell them how you feel. At least if you tell them it's off your chest.

Anyone can love someone. They're still humans and feel all of the emotions we do, so yes, a prostitute can love someone. But it's also they're job to make love to people, which can make you feel like they love you, when really it's just their job. If you want to know if they love someone, just ask:)

there is no rejection from GODs love

Be open and honest about your feelings towards someone, if you get a rejection it is not the end of the World, there are many more pebbles in the sea. But if you get a positive reaction then Be Happy and continue to be true to yourself.

Some people in all age brackets can be 'in love with love' and are classified as 'romanticizers.' They desperately want to be in love, but have not found it yet. They may date or even go steady with a person, but still feel lonely and are still looking for love.

Not really. You can choose if you will show your love or if you'll accept someone else's love, but you can't ever choose who you'll love or if you will love someone. Even if you try to hide it deep down you can still feel it.

Everyone feels different but we all feel a little special when in love. When you love someone you will know by the way you feel towards them and the way they make you feel.

The word 'been' refers to the past, this probably means someone declares that they have fallen in love with someone before but they don't feel the same now or rather things didn't work out and the love affair/relationship ended.

Go for it! But make sure it's private. -Ok Fine

sometimes you don't have to all you have to do is work through your problems if you really love them. But if you feel you have to then just do it and that person will understand if they really love you.

Only you can decide and know how you feel for someone past or present.

Just give your love even ur not sure if he feel the same cuz if u love someone u dont have to be scared...

If you truly love someone, even if they don't feel the same way, it shouldn't matter. It's not about having them love you back, it may hurt, but that's all that can be expected. The best thing that can be hoped for is to still be a part of that person's life without being a burden, to take such a chance as to try and pursue someone who is out of your league, or clearly doesn't like you, etc. will only lead to rejection. Never forget that person, let them know in a subtle way that they mean a lot, and are truly special to you.

get over them it's not fun being in love by yourself...find somebody else to fall in love with and you will feel much better.....yes you can still love that person but you don't have to be in love with them....i mean like really whats the point in loving someone who doesn't feel the same about you....don't waste your time!

you know when someone loves you becase they show you they love you they treat you equel to them not lower they make you feel happy when your around them

because you feel that love and attention is missing

If your really in love with someone then you should always feel comfortable around them. If you just like them because their cute then your not in love. You can also feel in love sith someone you've never dated.

just tell him/her that you do not feel for him/her the same way that you did before (if you did love him/her in the past)... an that you dont want to hurt his/hers feelings an that you still respect him as a person(if you do) an that you jus grew apart from him/her ..

depends.....if you still feel for them and just miss the moments being with that particulate person...then this might be the beginning of love growing again.

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