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How do you get over your ex-boyfriend who you dated for two years if you broke up with him five months ago because he was too possessive yet you still think about all the good times you had with him?

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2006-10-03 18:16:32

What you are going through is a grieving process. Grief is not

just reserved for those loved ones that have passed away. One can

grieve over a split relationship (including divorce), losing your

home to fire/flood or other natural catastrophe's or losing a pet.

You had a lot of good memories together and as humans all of us

wonder when going through a break-up what we did wrong, weren't we

good enough or just plain "what happened!" We like to think we're

doing everything right, but putting two people together in a close

relationship and especially when there is sex involved can just

become complicated at times. Sometimes we've misjudged that good

old chemistry that makes for a successful relationship. I'm a firm

believer in fate. I think we date different people and ride along

the highway of life. We have heartbreaks, we make mistakes but then

we finally come to our final road stop and that's when we find the

right person. Although you may feel now you love this person with

all of your heart he is not the right one for you and once you get

over the grieving process and move on you can be sure that in the

near future you will meet someone else and be so glad you did move

on. In most cases we can look back on people we have dated and kiss

the ground because we are so happy we didn't settle for a serious

relationship back then. I know I have.

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