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You must have meant "trainer points". This can be earned by winning contests, walking your dog, training your dog and bathing, grooming your dog. Winning first prize in contests is definitely the quickest way to get trainer points.

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2011-07-23 16:19:32
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Q: How do you get owner points on Nintendogs?
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How do I look at my owner points on Nintendogs?

there is no such thing as owner points some people mistake trainer points for owner points

How do you buy stuff with owner points in Nintendogs?

You cannot buy things with owner points in Nintendogs. Owner Points are just there for bragging rights-and to unlock new dogs. There is money, which is what is used to buy items.

What is the highest owner points on Nintendogs?

There is no limit on how many Owner Points you can have. It would take away from the fun if there was. You get owner points by performing actions related to taking care of your dog.

Can you get a Beagle on Nintendogs Chihuahua and Friends?

yes you can by getting 16000 owner points

What are owner points on Nintendogs for ds?

Owner points, or "Trainer Points" are points you can eart to unlock things to unlcok more dog breeds, new Interior Decorater rooms, et., etc.

How do you get a robo pup in Nintendogs?

You have to get allot of owner points and then go to Mr.R and then you scould be able to get the Vocher!

How do you unlock the Siberian husky on nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

You have to get 20,000 owner points to unlock it in the kennel

How do you find a goldbar on Nintendogs cats?

You have to get 10,600 Owner points, then go to the mountains barc store.

Can you buy a chihuahua in Nintendogs labrador and friends?

Yes you can unlock a chihuahua but you need 50,000+ owner points ;)

How do you get a Husky on Nintendogs?

Get 25,000 trainer pointsYou need to unlock it. To unlock it you need to have enough owner points.

What are owner points and what are trainer points?

Trainer points are the points you earn by training and caring after your dog very well. There is not a thing such as ''owner points''.AnswerTrainer points are points you earn by training and caring for your puppy. As there is not a thing as ''owner points''! yes,there are no "owner points".Trainer points are points you get for taking care of your dog/puppy.Don't listen to them.^ pfft, they don't know what they're talking about. Owner points DO exist in nintendogs + cats. They replace the trainer points. They are right, however, about Trainer Points.

What are owner points on Nintendogs?

Trainer points are points you earn for playing with your dog or doing just about anything! If you reach a certain amount of trainer points you can unlock new breeds or room themes or dog food.

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