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TO get into the asteroid castle you have to complete the puzzle on the door.


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you have to have all three get the knights beat all the bad guys.there are three.

the coordinates are X-11 Y-83. then you jump up the fortress and click on the key which opens the door to the other galaxy.

count the squares and number each on then click the squares with these numbers but they must be in this order 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16 hope that helps ;)

you can not get the cat away from the door on poptropica you have to jump over it

you open the door of the ship in poptrpoica

go to the castle or whatever and open the door

it is in the libary in the casthe

To open the door to the basement on Haunted House in Poptropica, you first must get the key which the bat is flying around with. Then use it to unlock the padlock and onpen the door!

There is no "Temple of Courage" in Poptropica. That is in Legends of Zelda.

You play (using your instrument) the notes in correct order that are on the door.

To open Poseidon's door, you have to get the starfish from the museum and put it on the altar.

Play the colors on the door on your floot thing in the same order

Click on the reed pipe in your inventory, and play the colors on the door.

after you defeat all the planets (ice,fire,jungle) you go into the asteroid belt and you will find a blue building then you click on it you go up the blue rocks and then you will see a key , click on it it will spin into a portal click enter the portal. You will come to this castle thing go to the ground there you will see what you think is the princess, click on her she will ask for the three mystical weapons you will give them to her then she will turn into Mordred he will go through the puzzle door you will click on the door it will be a puzzle after you defeat the puzzle you will go through the door there you will find the princess in a green jar.

in the saloon by the door sleeping.

On the factory i don't really know.

There is a lock on the basement door.

the oracle is in the second door .

Click on the door you came in through.

all you have to do is find a key for the door then get thru the ninjas and one of the spies will be there

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