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By evaporating the water of the solution and condensing it.

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Is salt water a pure substance or a solution?

Salt water is a solution.

Salt water it is a pure substance or solution?

Salt water is a solution.

Is salt water a pure substance solution or mixture?

Salt water is a solution.

Is salt solution a pure substance?

A salt solution is a homogeneous (uniform) mixture of salt and water, and is not a pure substance.

Is water a saltwater solution?

No. Pure water is a compound, which is a pure substance. A saltwater solution is a mixture of water and salt, and is not a pure substance.

Is salt and pure water considered a mixture?

Yes, salt dissolved in pure water is a mixture called a solution.

How could you get both water and salt crystals from a salt solution?

i think by distillation..we can get pure water and salt

When salt is dissolved in water will the resulting solution freeze at a higher or lower temperature than pure water?

This salt solution formed when salt dissolves in water will have a lower freezing point than pure water. It will freeze at a lower temperature.

Is saline solution a pure substnace?

Saline solution is not a pure substance, but it is a homogenous mixture. The components of a saline solution are salt and water that are thoroughly blended. An example of a pure substance is just table salt.

Why do you cool salt solution to make drinking water?

Cooling a salt solution will crystalize the salt presumably by lowering the solubility, allowing the solution to be filtered and pure water obtained. Drinking salt water will lead to dehydration.

Why pure water is less time to boil than water with salt?

The boiling point of pure water is lower than the boiling point of a water-salt solution, so it takes takes longer to heat the water-salt solution to its boiling point.

Which has a higher freezing point a 20 percent salt solution or pure water?

Pure water has a higher freezing point than 20% salt water.

What is the method to separate pure water in salt water solution?

The process is distillation.

What is the problem for sugar and salt in the freezing point of water?

mixing of sugar and salt in water make a different solution . The freezing point of pure water and the solution is different due to the extra contents added in pure water.

How do water and salt dissolve together?

Sodium does go into solution with H20, but Pure Water is also a perfect insulator, therefore the answer is salt will dissolve into a water based solution, but water does not dissolve into salt.

What ingredients does salt water have?

Pure saline water is only a solution of sodium chloride in water.

What does density tell you about salt water?

The density of a salt water solution compared against the densities of "pure" water and salt provides an approximate value of the ratio of water to salt in the mixture.

What is the density of a salt solution compared to water?

The density of saline water is greater compared to pure water.

How do you seporate sand and pure salt?

Sand is separated from the water solution by filtration.

How do you get pure salt from salt and sand?

Make a water solution and filter; the sodium chloride solution passes the filter, the sand remain on the filter.

Does ice melts faster in fresh water or salt water?

salt water. a solution of the solvent (water) and the solute (salt) has a lower freezing point than the pure solvent

What element make up salt water?

salt and water the elements in pure salt water are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine. H2O and NaCl this is an ionic solution

Is pure water a solution in chemistry?

Water is pure, not a solution.

Is salt and water a liquid?

When a soluble salt is mixed in water, we call it a solution. This differs from a pure liquid because normally we would like to describe a salt solution as having some kind of concentration.

Would it be possible to mix a small amount of table salt with water and decant water from the mixture?

Yes, however it would be salt water, not pure water. Without any further steps beyond adding salt to water, you cannot decant pure H2O from the salt + water solution.

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