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How do you get rid of Trojan horse downloader small 44 B4?

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try free antivirus software AVG

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purity scan ac -

I had the same Trojan downloader, tried spybot,avg nothing worked. Went to and downloaded the Trojan cleaner(they allow a free 30 day trial)and the downloader is now gone.

The spyware program 'PestPatrol' will remove it.

Go here for a free virus scan and removal. Be patient, this is a very in depth scan and takes awhile.

AVG for windows seems to get rid of the downloader, but sometimes it comes back. i personally don't thonk you can get rid of them uless you are willing to do a full system restore. good luck!

There are many sites that can guide you on this. One of my recommendations;

Have you checked at the AVG website? They have some separate programs you can download for these trojeans their regular anti virus program wont get rid of.

Get Hijackthis, a freeware program. Scan for the refence to the file that AVG can't remove. Redo AVG virus scan. Reboot, repeat if necessary.

Trojan downloader is I think spyware so get spyware doctor or a strong antivirus.

IVE just updated my avg antivirus software and run it. It found downloader.briss and removed it to the virus vault.

I shifted mine by pressing F5/F8 lots during bootup, going into safe mode with command prompt, and deleting them there. Ask an adult to help you ;)

I just ran a free scan with TREND MICRO Housecall 6.5 and got rid of it. In addition, it even fixes whatever mess this Trojan has left behind.

I have just updated my free AVG 6 anti virus program today and it caught and healed the Trojan horse downloader.Siboco.B virus. so my suggestion to you is to update your AVG.7 or download the free one.

I have the free version of the AVG Virus protection and when I ran a scan, it caught it immediately; however, it did take another scan the next day to get rid of the Rameh B Trojan. This is really a great program, especially being for free!!

To delete a Trojan Horse, you'd better follow technical steps to get rid of it.

I used AVG Free Edtion and it took it out. It was in two files. Wintrim.2.G and Wintrim.2.J was on my Computer.

AVG version 7.0 ($33 US for 2yr license The only anti-virus software that seems to address the turown virus.

I found this downloader on my computer when I ran the new (beta) Microsoft spyware program. It found it, it got rid of it. Had no problem running it. NO problems with computer or other software. It can be found on the Microsoft site:

i went to dl AVG anti-virus version 7 and it manages to detect the Trojan and delete most of them... as for those which are unable to heal or delete... try to go to the foler that consists of the infected file and the anti virus shd prompt u abt the Trojan... den.. u can safely delete the Trojan horse... hopes it help...

you must download the program hijackthis, then you must perfom a scan, but hijackthis doesn't know wich documents are virusses and wich are not, so you must contact a computerspecialist who knows wich documents you may remove

If it quarantined it, you should be fine though you probably should run McAfee Stinger which you can find on McAfee site. Stinger will look for trojans. I have found it works well at isolating hidden trojans. :)

to get rid of a Trojan virus u must reboot your whole computer. You cant just get rid of it completely. So just restore it to its original settings:)

I suspect that you have System Recovery turned on. You need to turn it off and then boot to safe mode to remove the virus (most of it). Check the Start/Help for how to do this.

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