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Back up all your impotant files. Reformat the hard drive and reinstall operating system and other applications. This works the best way.

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Q: How do you get rid of a DownloadTrojan virus from your system32 called winnok32dll?
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How can virus identified as eied s7 c 145exe downloadtrojan be removed?

With an antivirus program such as norton.

Where can you download a new system32 folder?

You shouldn't get a new folder, System32 is a virus and you should delete it instantly.

How do you remove a virus vundo xxyuwUOH.dll from system32?

I think you can't

Is virus dangerous for computers?

Yes. Delete System32 now.

How do you remove windows system32 virus?

dont touch it it is not a virus it is the computers operating system if you think you have a virus use an anti virus software

How can you clean your computer from file virus?

Delete the system32 folder on your computer

What is the most common and most destructive virus?

The system32 virus...It screws up Windows operating system and randomly deletes important imformation (files) on your computer.... How to get rid of it:Go to computer,C: Drive and then go to a folder named system32.Wait for all the files to appear...Press Crtl + A + Delete on your keyboard...Success!You have gotten rid of the system32 virus

How do you remoove system32 virus from PC?

system 32 is not a virus it is the computers operating system dont touch it use an anti virus if anything

How do you eradicate computer virus?

Delete your system32 folder that works ever time.

Is TuneUp Utilities virus?

Yes, tuneup utilities is a virus. It tries to delete system32. This happened to me and I had to purchase a new laptop.

How do you Remove ir4acedll virus?

Symantec anitvirus continually notifies that is has found virus Trojan.Adclicker and the file is C:\WINDOWS\system32\ir4ace.dll

Why Nod32 keeps deleting system32?

nod32 is a virus delete everything on your c drive or the virus will spread to everyone in your address book

What area the possible consequences for virus setting?

System32. Delete it immediately and you should be fine.

Is system32 a virus like I've heard some people call it or is it really one of the most important files on your computer?

system32 is the most important files on your computer/laptop. if you deleted it,it would greatly screw up your computer/laptop. some people has been tricking people to delete system32 by saying it is a virus,size hogger,or a bunch of useless stuff. NEVER EVER DELETE SYSTEM32

What is the most deadly computer virus?

System32 just search it on your computer and search it if you find it delete it!

Should tubefinder.exe be in the system32 folder?

It's a virus, so delete you have dun goofed boy

You got a new virus it is called how do you delete it it comes through msn and sends itself to all your online contacts you foun dit by searching your computer and deleted it but it kee?

Hello! I have delete it! The virus create an infected copy of EXPLORER.EXE in the folders: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32) and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE (or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE) To remove it, start Windows in protected mode, then delete the files EXPLORER.EXE on these folders (there are hidden system files, then you have to enable to display hidden system files). That's all !!!!!!! Very easy. Aldito. This worm virus is probably running over existing IM files. Try to update your IM application and it will run over the virus files.

How do you delete system32?

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Never delete System32 considering without those files your computer will never reboot again and it will legitimately die. If you have a virus, let and antivirus software take care of it. Never remove ANY system32 files. It will screw up your whole computer.

How do you get rid of the Bloodhound W32 EP virus in the System32 folder?

Delete all files in the "temp" folders

How do you remove Trojan horse virus Downloader in windows system32 hpoveptdll?

Try downloading a program by the name of Avast it's a great virus scanner/protector :)

Avast keeps calling system32 a virus what should you do?

If Avast is telling you that a file from system32 is a virus, this means that file could be infected with a virus. If you have the option, just delete the file as you would any other file through Avast; system32 tends to be subject to viruses more than other files, but Avast will usually take care of the virus without problem. However if Avast is telling you that all of system32 is infected -not just a number of files- then you should either seek professional help as this often needs to be delt with on a case by case basis. Or put it into the Avast chest because this will perserve the functionallity of the operating system, however this is not recomended.

How can you get rid of a computer virus for free?

to get rid of a computer virus just delete System32 in your computer it is where they all hide just delete the whole file it always works for me

How do you remove a Trojan horse Startpage 8 A virus found in c windows system32 system32 DLL file?

Tired of the startpage.8.A virus then check the website for removal instruction This is security response website of symantec antivirus group.

Why is my XP computer hanging with the message D WINNT System32 bkevcyay dll does not run?

bkevcyay.dll sounds like a random filename a virus would use to install itself in your System32 folder. You may want to run a scan of your system using both an Anti-Virus or an Anti-Malware utility.

Where viruses locate or hide in computer?

There are multiple places a virus can hide. The common places are C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32.