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How do you get rid of a mosquito bite?

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Putting ice on it will reduce the redness and swelling. It will disappear on its own in a day or two.


You can buy bite be gone ointment that will dull the pain and reduce the swelling at almost any pharmacy. Anything that has an antihistamine will aid it and allow it to heal much faster.

that is SO wrong what you do is put Haulieri lotion on it and then poke it 100 times or stab it with your finger nail 50 times and it will feel a WHOLE lot better than the answers before this one!

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How can you get rid of a mosquito bite?

it is tolief

How do you get rid of a mosquito bite on your eye?

Put hydrogen-peroxide in your eye and it reduce the swelling then the bite will go away.

How do you get rid of old mosquito bite scars on legs and arms?

Go see a dermatologist

How do you get rid of a mosquito bite on your head?

Just use toothpaste on the bitten area.That should do it.

How you Get rid of Mosquito bite bumps?

Local drug stores have ointments which will help a mosquito bite heal and itch less. There are many who claim heat helps and pressing them with their finger nails too.

How do you get rid of mosquito bite scabs?

In order to get rid of mosquito bite scabs, try dabbing the scabs with chamomile lotion or aloe Vera gel. Both of these ointments provide healing aids for the skin and will help make your scabs disappear at a quicker rate.

Do mosquito bite dead people?

a mosquito does not bite dead people unless they are recently passed. the blood has to be flowing for a mosquito to bite.

Can mosquito bite pictures help me determine if my bites are from a mosquito?

Yes, mosquito bite pictures can help you determine if your bites are from a mosquito. Simply compare them to pictures of mosquito bite pictures online.

When does aedes mosquito bite and when does anopheles mosquito bite?

i hate mmosquitos

What happens if male mosquito bite?

The male mosquito doesn't bite.

Can a canary die from a mosquito bite?

a canary could die from a mosquito bite if the mosquito has the west nile virus.

What is the cause of mosquito bite?

when a mosquito bites you

Can I get Ebola through a mosquito bite?

No, a person can't get Ebola through a mosquito bite.

How does dengue mosquito bite looks like?

I guess like a normal mosquito bite! (:

Can a male mosquito bite you?

a male mosquito can bite you, but they tend to bite animals. Usually large ones like horses

Is it a mosquito bite or a spider bite if it's a red swollen spot that itches with a clear blister in the middle?

It is a mosquito bite.

Does only a female mosquito bite?

yes because the female mosquito bite people because for the lareve

Does a mosquito bite on the face?

Yes but very rarely. The most common place for a mosquito to bite is the legs

What is the difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite?

The difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite is quite simple. These bites come from two different insects.

How to protect from mosquito bite?

mosquito replellant. malaria nets

Do you get away from a person that has a mosquito bite?

mosquito bites are not contagious.

Is there any difference about a normal mosquito and a mosquito which has dengue?

The bite of a normal mosquito and a dengue mosquito are the same. The symptoms of the dengue mosquito bite is different. The dengue mosquito carries a virus and could cause nausea, vomiting, and a loss of your appetite.

What are mosquito?

A mosquito is an insect that can bite you. The place where a mosquito bites you is where it will itch a lot. To make the bite go away and not bother you longer, you must stop itching it.

What happen if a mosquito bites a mosquito bite?


What can aggravate a mosquito bite?

Scratching a mosquito bite can aggravate it. Many have found that applying a paste made of baking soda and water to the bite can relieve itching.

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