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Q: How do you get rid of a outstanding warrant for not doing court ordered anger management classes and just left the state of CO?
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Can you get a job with an outstanding warrant for failure to pay a ticket or is an outstanding warrant an outstanding warrant when applying for a job?

If the job you are applying for does a check it will show up. I would pay that ticket and get it cleared up if you want the job. Get that "puppy" taken care of.

What is the difference between a bench warrant and an outstanding warrant?

A BENCH WARRANT is issued by a judge on his own authority. A 'regular' warrant is applied for by law enforcement and then submitted to the court for its approval. The word "outstanding" merely refers to the fact that the warrant has not yet been served.

Will you be stopped at customs for an outstanding bench warrant?


Can they arrest you in your home for outstanding arrest warrant?


Can you reenter the US if you have a warrant?

If there is an outstanding US warrant for your arrest, you can enter the US, but you are then likely to be arrested.

On an outstanding warrant can they enter your property without a search warrant?

They already have a warrant for the arrest of a person so they do not need another one to entire the residence of the named person. However, they do need a search and seizure warrant to search the premises for anything or anyone not included in the "outstanding" warrant.

What means a warrant inquire?

A warrant inquiry is an investigation requesting information about outstanding warrants of arrest or restriction

When does an Arrest warrant become a outstanding arrest warrant in nc?

The moment any arrest warrant is signed by the judge it becomes an outstanding warrant. It may take a couple of weeks for the Warrants Division of the Sheriff's Office to enter this in their database, but once they do it shows up on the NCIC right away.

Can a city cop arrest someone with an outstanding federal warrant?

Yes, they can.

If you have a warrant for traffic violation can you still get a passport?

If you have a warrant for a traffic violation, it is still possible to get a passport. If you have a warrant outstanding for a felony, you are definitely not going to be able to get a passport.

Can you fly within the country with a misdemeanor warrant?

You will not be able to fly anywhere with an outstanding warrant unless it is satisfied or the warrant is served, or both. Security will be alerted and you will be stopped.

If you have a bench warrant can you be arrested in another state?

Yes. Every warrant specifies where it can be served, so the answer depends on what the judge ordered when the warrant was issued.

If you have a passport and an outstanding warrant can you leave the country?

Yes, you will probably be arrested when you return.

Can you go back to school if you currently have an outstanding warrant?

well there are sites everywhere for that

How many warrants do you need to make it outstanding?

The questioner has their terminology confused. When a warrant is OUTSTANDING it simply means that it is current and is waiting to be served.

Can you get a cdl if you have a warrant in another state?

What do you expect to happen when you try to get it? Your name goes into a computer, and they get a return that you have an outstanding warrant in another state.

How can you check to see if there is still a warrant in Mexico with someone with my same name?

Turn yourself in. If the warrant is not still outstanding, walk away.

Can you get arrested for trying to get a Florida id card with an outstanding warrant?

Your question is a bit confusing. Obviously, if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you can be arrested. Whether you are trying to get a Florida ID card or not would seem to make very little difference.

Can people with outstanding warrants get a driver's license?

The DMV will most likely contact a law enforcement officer to serve your warrant (arrest you). Many states will not issue or renew licenses to someone with an outstanding warrant but it's not a universal practice.

Can they stop you at the airport for a warrant?

Yes, you can be arrested on an outstanding warrant while traveling through an airport. The warrants will show up on travel watch lists.

Can you turn your self in to the county jail?

If you have an outstanding warrant you might want to but other than that you don't have to

Does speedway background checks include warrants?

how far does speedway go back to check your background <><><> If there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, and it is still a valid warrant, it will show.

If a person has an outstanding warrant on them in Missouri but lives in Tennessee can this person be arrested in Tennessee for this outstanding drug related charge?

Yes. If you are a fugitive from MO and your warrant appears on the National criminal information computer system (NCIC) you can be arrested wherever you happen to be found.

Will there be an outstanding warrant in the state you flee from?

If you flee from arrest and/or prosecution you become a FUGITIVE. You will most likely have a warrant on file in the state you fled from, and could even have an interstate warrant on file if your state wishes to extradite you back.

Can i renew my driver's license in Mo with a DWI warrant?

If you have an outstanding arrest warrant for DUI, your drivers license is probably suspended, anyway. You won't be able to renew the license or clear the suspension until the warrant is cleared.