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Removing Trojan Horse Downloader VirusI ran into this problem and went searching on the web to see if anyone else had a cure only to find that it was eluding someone else also. I did other tests here myself and managed to get rid of it. First I ran some of the available spyware programs and one of them also detected it, but the cleanfunction did not remove the problem when running AVG. I then looked at my AVG test results further. AVG said that files infectedwere Web.exe and I then tried to find where thesefiles were on my computer only to come up empty. These files were not possible to be found because they apparently are hidden files. Next I looked still further at AVG test results and found where it said that the infected files were at c/windows/application data/sun/java etc. Iwent into My Computer and went looking to see what was in these folders and again could not find the files as they are hidden, BUT I did determinewhat I could do about it. This is where the downloader was hidding on my PC, let me warn youthat it may not be hidden at the same location on your PC as it was on mine. Go back and look at your AVG test results and see what the file name infected is and where AVG tells you it is located. Both of these pieces of information will be of great help. Click on test results then highlight a scan result with this vrus, then click on content. Scroll down and find where it lists the Trojan horse downloader.generic virus inthe result column. Then look to the left andyou will see the location listed in the object column. In my case, I looked at add/remove programs to try to get it to remove the java programs off. Unfortunately somehow I did not have the java program listed there so could not use this function. I had downloaded these from sun microsystems to run some special applications. Since I knew that I had downloaded these, I simply went to the java folder and deleted it. You probably know that when it gives the locations in the format above c/windows/application data/sun/java/... that you open my computer, look in c drive, then look in the windows folder, open application data folder, open sun folder, etc on down the list. I knew that I could not find the file as it was hidden, but knowing it was in the folder allowed me to delete the whole folder and get rid of the virus along with other files. Then I found the java icon in control panel and clicked on it. This opened up a java page where it said update and I clicked there which sent me back automaticly to the sun microsystems site where I had downloaded the files to begin with and it installed the latest files where the old ones had been. Then I went back to AVG and ran a scan again and it is still running, but not come across the Trojan horse downloader.generic. ssx yet. The scanjust finished and no virus. yippee got it. I am running windows 98SE. I hope this is helpful. The file infected may not be the same for you in which case you will have to see what it is and determine where the infected file is and then determine from there if you can delete without causing you a major problem or if you can find a way to replace it. Please reply to this post what you did to remove this virus and if the information here was helpful. I hope that it was. Happy Computing. AnswerMake sure that you have Administrator rights and in folder options in the view tab you have the button unticked that tells your PC to hide system folders. After AVG finds the virus, you can either check test results or scroll up to the Trojan if you haven't closed out of the scan window. AVG either will not allow you to look at or navigate to the archived file or you will need to change your folder view by doing what I said in folder options. In the details of the file you will be able to determine the file path and you can simply follow thw file path starting by clicking on "my computer", then your main hard drive (which is usually "C", then "Application Data", ...etc. Keep on going until you find the exact file that is the Trojan horse downloader generic SSX and delete it, (empty your trash if your recycle bin is set up that way). You may have a few other java deployment files like "java byte verify" files or something like that, that also show up as being infected when you scan with AVG, delete them the same way. Re-scan your PC after you do this. Hope this helps. Other OptionI had been having the same problem. I was able to fix it by going to Look up MS03-011: Flaw in the Microsoft VM Could Enable System Compromise

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There is a problem with the patch for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 SP4. You just have to look for the work around that can also be found at that site.

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Q: How do you get rid of a virus called Trojan horse downloader generic ssx AVG finds but will not get rid of?
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