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How do you get rid of black spots on the buttocks caused from pimples on the butt?

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I suffered from this condition for a while and can sympathise.

Retin-A (Tretinoin) is a highly effective topical cream used in the treatment of acne. Incidentally, the major constituent (Retinol) of Retin-A is now widely used in cosmetic treatment of UV sun damage to the skin and widely found in smaller concentrations in cosmetic products .

However, it can cause redness and peeling of the skin initially and it increases the skin's sensitivity to the sun therefore a sun block should be used in areas where the skin might be exposed.

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How can you get rid of red pimples on the buttocks that look like heat spots?

i think baby powder

Spots on your head?

If you have spots on your head, they could be pimples. Pimples on the scalp may be caused by very dry skin, stress, irritants or an infection. If the spots are sore and bothersome, you should see your doctor or dermatologist.

How did you get pimples?

You get pimples and spots from not washing your face regularly or having dirty hands and then touching your face, and then this leads to black heads which then soon turn into pimples- that is how you get pimples.

When you see black spots on your head?

scabs , pimples or wart or a mole

What are black spots in ears?

those black spots are black heads caused from to much oil in the ears

What causes black spots on the skin?

black spots can be caused either by rashes, acne, or sunburns

How can you get rid of black spots on your tongue?

Black spots on the tongue can be caused by different reasons. To get rid of the black spots, proper oral hygiene must be done.

What can you do to remove black spots from the facecaused by pimples?

You mean blackheads? not sure..There are some face washes for getting rid of them...

What does pink spots on your face mean?


Can a lack of vegetables cause pimples?

no a lack of veg doesnt cause pimples or spots but they are good for you.........

What causes dark spots on the buttocks area?

because of a storm

Why are there black spots on my salt water fish?

Salt water fish have black spots on their skin because of a disease called Marine Black spot disease, which is caused by parasites in the water.

What are small red spots on someone's body?

It can be pimples or freckled

Can you have acne in buttocks?

Yes you can sadly i have a few spots on my buttocks :P but just use creams and stuff like normal on your face

If you apply sperms will it clear pimples and spots?

There is no evidence to support that claim.

What are some effective ways to get rid of pimples and spots?

There are many effective ways to get rid of pimples and spots without visiting a dermatologist. These include using ice, toothpaste and lemon juice on the affected area.

Are pandas black with white spots or white with black spots?

Neither, Pandas have Black and White fur. They do not have spots. if they had spots it would be White with Black spots, but they don't.

What could cause red spots on face and chest?

Excema or bacteria ( which is pimples )

What happends when fishes with black spots mean?

Black spots on a fishes body is a symptom of black spot disease( a disease caused by a digenetic fluke. It will usually go away on its own, as the complex life cycle of the fluke can not be completed in an aquarium.

What did the Black Death disease do to the human body?

it caused the body to develop black and or blue spots, which would vomit out slimy nasty blood.

What are Brown or black spots on fired ceramics?

Brown or black marks on fired pottery are usually caused by mineral impurities, usually iron.

How to remove black mark on man face?

for your information check the below mentioned link

What is another word for pimple?

Some other words for pimples are: Zits Spots Lurker

How can you help prevent your pimples spots and zits?

by drinking lots and lots and lots of water!!!

How do you remove pimples and dark spots from face?

Visit a skin doc. your problem will be solved