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Spend the money and go to a vet and get either Frontline or Advantage flea drops. If you can, bug bomb your house with flea specific spray. If you can't use the bombs, spray everything. Carpet powder for fleas helps. Do all cracks. Frequent vacumning helps. The biggest thing is the flea drops. Do it for at least 3 months, it takes that long to go thru the life cycle and be fairly sure of getting them all. Been there, and it will get better. Spray or treat the yard also. If you walk the dog outside of your yard, you will get them again without continued treatments on the dog. $10 a month should cover it. The above poster has some great ideas, but I ended up getting an exterminator several years back and it was environmentally safe. My husband, myself and pets left the house for 3 hours and all plants or any food left out on counters was put away. It worked great! I vacuum every other day to sometimes every day depending on what is tracked into my home. By getting an exterminator in any fleas that you or your pet may bring in off the grass (fleas are everywhere outside) once they are inside your home they don't multiply. Not only did it get rid of the fleas, but also got rid of Spiders (which I hate!) Fleas multiply anywhere....not just outside!!
Go to local Walmart and get bug bombs-cans of a premixed insecticide that dispenses in the form of a fog. You need to read the instructions and buy quantity needed as per the instructions and use accordingly. If Walmart doesn't have them try hardware stores - farmers cooperative-feed and seed stores, ect. --May have to fumigate more than once to completely solve the pesky little problem because of new hatchings.

There's no residual with the bombs, it's best to have done professionally. Pet(s) & yard(s) should be done at the same time. Frequent vacuming necessary after treatment to stimulate new fleas to emerge. Discard contents of bag outside in sealed container. Focus on pet resting areas. Fleas can continue to emerge for a couple weeks after a treatment. With the bombs it would take far too many applications & very difficult to get consentration needed for an effective kill. The larvae are deep at the base of your carpet fibers & penetration is key. Determine pest is actually fleas & not misidentification. Set out glueboards for a few days & see if you pick up any. Static, Allergies, etc. sometimes mistakenly attributed to fleas.

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What are some home remedies for fleas on dogs?

A good home remedy for dog fleas are to wash the dog in vinegar and baking soda. The reaction agitates the fleas and removes them from the dogs. One thing to be careful of is to not get the chemicals into the dog's eyes.

How do I get rid of fleas in my house?

The simple, step-by-step guide to getting rid of fleas in your home and on your .... i have used baby powder and it work real good for fleas on my dogs or use wet ...

What is a good home remedy to keep fleas off of dogs?

There are several home remedies known for keeping fleas off of dogs. Mixing water with lemon juice, mixing water with vinegar, and also taking the peel from an orange and rubbing the inside of the peel all over the dogs coat.

What is the best home remedy to get rid of fleas on cats and dogs?

The best thing I have found for keeping fleas and ticks off of dogs and cats is the once a month topicals, such as Frontline, Advantix or Advantage. Just put it on topically once a month and no more ticks or fleas.

Can finding fleas on your pup possibly infest my home?

possibly yes. inside dogs/puppies that like to jump up on things, could brign alot of fleas into your house.

Do cat fleas die after leaving the cat if their no more cats?

No, fleas will live in your home and bite people instead. Your home will need to be treated for fleas if a fleas are seen!

Does riddex get rid of fleas?

No we have one in our home and it didn't do a thing for fleas.

How do you get fleas off your dogs with stuff you have at home?

This might sound crazy but you rub an Orange on their fur every day it really works and its FREE.

Is there a home remedy you can use to keep fleas off your dog?

Wash Them...wait a day to make sure that they are dry... now my mom told me that there is an old school way to take care of it. go to the store and and get some "Bakers Yeast"...what happens is that the fleas think that the yeats is the dogs skin and they eat it...then what happens is that the fleas EXPLODE!

How do you eliminate dog fleas from the home?

buy flea powder and a flea bombs to help get rid of the fleas it works for me

Can you use derbac on dogs?

You could, but there is no reason to. Derback is used to kill head lice, and there is no evidence that dogs can carry lice. If you intend to use it on fleas or ticks, well good luck. It likely won't work. What will work is to rub your dog down with cut oranges, lemons, limes, or grapefruit. It seems fleas and ticks hate citris, and citris is relatively benign for use on dogs. DO NOT use this home remedy on cats however.

Can dogs' fleas jump onto human heads?

Fleas from a dog can jump onto any part of a person that is close enough for the flea to make the jump, so yes they could jump onto your head where they will find a home in your hair. You will then have a flea infestation in your hair. It is very easy for this to happen. If this happens there are special powders or shampoos to git rid of the fleas.

Is it possible to bring fleas home after going to a house that is believed to have fleas?

It is definitely possible to spread fleas around. Fleas go everywhere, so if you go somewhere with fleas, chances are that they are on you, and will soon be in your house, on your pets, or wherever you go. Until you take the right procedures to get rid of them. Fleas spread, and multiply like crazy.

Is there a home remedy to kill fleas in dogs?

New AnswerI would not give a dog garlic, as the first answerer stated. Garlic can be toxic to dogs. An excellent home remedy / chemical-free remedy is diatomaceous earth. It is a fine powder that can be sprinkled on your dog, on his bed, in his food, or anywhere else you don't want fleas and other bugs. Each microscopic grain of the powder has sharp edges that cut through an insects waxy coating, causing the bug to dry out, killing it. It does not harm people or pets. AnswerI don't know if it can be called a home remedy per se, but fleas do not like garlic, so a lot of people slip some garlic into their dog food. Dogs like the taste of it, too, so it's a win-win!

How do you get rid of fleas in house?

Getting fleas in one's home can seem extremely overwhelming. The best way to get rid of them is to wash all the bedding in the home, vacuum thoroughly, and purchase a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier works to reduce the humidity, which will kill off adult fleas.

Dose your home dogs mean dogs at home?


How do fleas get into your home?

Generally courtesy of your pet-the host animal.

Are there any home remedies for fleas on cats?

Give your cat a bath using Dawn original blue dish soap. It will kill the fleas! I didn't believe it worked, but after trying several products from the vet and over-the-counter, I decided to try it. It worked better than anything else I tried!

When a duck has eggs next to your home do you get fleas?

No. Not even if the mother has fleas. Actually, she won't let you get close enough to her to catch fleas if she has them. If you have a duck nest in your yard, I think you're pretty lucky.

How long can fleas live in a house?

If you mix equal parts of baking soda & salt and sprinkle it in your house, wait, then vacuum, then fleas will not live anymore. :) Answer Fleas have 4-stage life cycle. Control of fleas on your pet and in your home must address all stages of this life cycle. If you miss one, you have more fleas!

Does riddex kill fleas in the home?

I called Riddex some same no.

Do poodles sniff a lot?

Yes, all dogs sniff and smell everything. This is how they learn. It is natural for dogs. This is how they remember how to find there way back home if they get out of the yard. They always smell their food before eating it. Dogs smell people too.

How do you get of fleas in home?

To get fleas out of your home you should shampoo your carapet twice a day then let it dry then when it drys vaccum it then keep doing that for about 3 days or so then buy a spray im not so sure what the spray is called but you could ask someone who works at the store and then spray it all around your house then the fleas should leave. Hope i helped, i once has fleas and i did that and it worked!

What is a good home treatment for fleas?

Boric Acid is a safe alternative to chemical flea control for the home.

How do you know if you have fleas?

first they are small and bite big, now if you mean in your home put on white socks if you have them the fleas will jump on to your socks,also check your dog