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How do you get rid of fleas on your dogs and in your home after trying everything?


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Spend the money and go to a vet and get either Frontline or Advantage flea drops. If you can, bug bomb your house with flea specific spray. If you can't use the bombs, spray everything. Carpet powder for fleas helps. Do all cracks. Frequent vacumning helps. The biggest thing is the flea drops. Do it for at least 3 months, it takes that long to go thru the life cycle and be fairly sure of getting them all. Been there, and it will get better. Spray or treat the yard also. If you walk the dog outside of your yard, you will get them again without continued treatments on the dog. $10 a month should cover it. The above poster has some great ideas, but I ended up getting an exterminator several years back and it was environmentally safe. My husband, myself and pets left the house for 3 hours and all plants or any food left out on counters was put away. It worked great! I vacuum every other day to sometimes every day depending on what is tracked into my home. By getting an exterminator in any fleas that you or your pet may bring in off the grass (fleas are everywhere outside) once they are inside your home they don't multiply. Not only did it get rid of the fleas, but also got rid of spiders (which I hate!) Fleas multiply anywhere....not just outside!!
Go to local walmart and get bug bombs-cans of a premixed insecticide that dispenses in the form of a fog. You need to read the instructions and buy quantity needed as per the instructions and use accordingly. If Walmart doesn't have them try hardware stores - farmers cooperative-feed and seed stores, ect. --May have to fumigate more than once to completely solve the pesky little problem because of new hatchings.

There's no residual with the bombs, it's best to have done professionally. Pet(s) & yard(s) should be done at the same time. Frequent vacuming necessary after treatment to stimulate new fleas to emerge. Discard contents of bag outside in sealed container. Focus on pet resting areas. Fleas can continue to emerge for a couple weeks after a treatment. With the bombs it would take far too many applications & very difficult to get consentration needed for an effective kill. The larvae are deep at the base of your carpet fibers & penetration is key. Determine pest is actually fleas & not misidentification. Set out glueboards for a few days & see if you pick up any. Static, allergies, etc. sometimes mistakenly attributed to fleas.