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How do you get rid of foot odor?

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Getting rid of foot odor is hard once it gets bad, but my mother used these to get rid of her foot odor:

*Keep your feet clean! Cleanliness kills the bacteria that causes odor.

*Keep your feet dry! Socks made of cotton are best to absorb sweat and moisture.

*Stay away from garlic, onions, curries, chilis, and alcohol. These can cause foot odor, as well as bad breath.

2010-12-06 23:44:13
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No, it isn't. Foot odor can't be contagious.

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How is bacteria connected to foot order?

Bacteria is connected to foot odor in that a certain type of bacteria creates foot odor. The odor is created as the bacteria eats and reproduces but can be controlled with anti-bacterial powders or creams.

How do you get rid of the skunks odor?

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Wash your feet.

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I have an old chest that smells like moth balls. How can I get rid of the odor?

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ped stink

Why did Stanleys apartment smell of burning rubber and foot odor?

Stanleys apartment smell of burning rubber and foot odor becausehis dad is trying to envent something

Are peaches and onions the true cure for foot odor?

No, peaches and onions would likely not do anything for foot odor; the onions (depending upon what you do with them) would likely make it worse. Foot odor is generally the result of bacterial or fungal overgrowth; treatment is based upon reducing these microbial populations.

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