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You can get rid of them by putting out small glasses of wine in the room. They will drink the wine and die. The best wine you could use is any red wine. The color attracts, too. If that doesn't work, you can also mix vinegar and dish detergant toghther in small glasses aroung the room. The strong scent of the vinegar will attract the fruit flies and the dish detergant will drown them. Careful, the vinegar is strong. Don't use too much.

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How do you get straight hair forever without putting harsh chemicals in my hair?

Buy a wig.

Can penguins eat fruit?

no. fruit doesn't exist in their harsh climate.

Do you have cigarette breath with e cigarettes?

No you don't. It's designed to give you the same feel as a cigarette without all the harsh chemicals and smells.

What are the importance of gloves?

They Protect your hands from Weather, and Harsh Chemicals

What is the Best way to take care of your face without harsh chemicals?

Just wash your face with a face wash for your type of skin every morning and night :)

Is sugarcane a fruit or a vegetable?

AnswerIt is a grass and people like Harsh who're sick will tell that it is a fruit just to arugue,without knowing what he's speaking about.Sugarcane is definitely not a fruit ... would have to be a vegetable, it is the canes ie. stalks of a large species of grass.

What are disadvantages in being a mechanic?

grease dirt hot engines harsh chemicals customers

What makes silver corrode?

Weather, heat, acids, harsh chemicals are just a few.

What caused the sound of thunder?

the case of thunder is the chemicals in the clouds reacting with the harsh temperature

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Adidas is more flammable because of the harsh chemicals in it.

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The only way to prevent scratches on your floor is to use chemicals. These chemicals are known as scratch guard laminents. Of course you can dilute these chemicals with water to make them less harsh .

Are there green commercial cleaning supplies?

Yes there are plenty. However, they usually come at a larger price because manufacturers prefer to make the production cheaper by using harsh chemicals. Also the harsh chemicals are what allow a cleaning product to be more stronger.

Is decleor skin care all natural?

Yes it is! Its great for your skin. Clear the dirt from your skin without the harsh chemicals and toxins harming your face! Its reccommmended by dermetologist all over Paris!

How can baby furniture be safely cleaned without harsh chemicals?

A safe home-made cleaning solution can be made with vinegar and carbonated water. Spritz surfaces with this solution and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Is acid rain a toxin?

Acid rain is a toxin because it contains chemicals that are harsh to the environment.

Is there any nicotine in ecigarettes?

yes the point of it is it has nicotine but not any the other harsh chemicals cigarettes do

Are there environmentally friendly window washing products?

There are commercial window cleaners that do not use harsh chemicals and are organic. Green Earth Technologies has a glass cleaner that is organic and can be purchased from It is also possible to create your own organic glass cleaner without harsh chemicals:

What is hairy green fruit?

kiwi The moon is a harsh mistress, and it is only funny once...

Do people get ill from getting there hair dyed?

Now that there is no harsh chemicals in hair dye, it can not make you ill.

Why does your head itch a day after shampooing it?

Pediculicides are basically bug killer, and contains some harsh chemicals.

What provides protection against sunlight chemicals and other harsh environmental factors?

in the iological term ismegheroetica

Can an engine burn without air or oxygen?

NO!! (not to be harsh)

Why do you spray water on citrus fruit?

Citrus fruit is sprayed with water to create a protective layer for the fruit when it gets cold. This water will become ice and keep them insulated, which helps keep the harsh weather from destroying the fruit.

How does one kill ants quickly?

Use an ant killer from a local plant store. Talking to an employee is helpful. You should also stick with a natural one without harsh chemicals so you do not harm grass or pets.

How often can you put a rinse in your hair?

As often as you want! there are no harsh chemicals that will damage your hair . Youre good to go.