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You can swat them, use fly traps, or spray them.

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Q: How do you get rid of horseflies in the house?
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What would cause an infestation of horseflies in a house?

Dead animal in attic or crawlspace is a likely candidate. They had to of hatched out of something.

How do you get rid of horseflies?

How to Get Rid of HorsefliesHorseflies, deer flies and the yellow fly are in the same family and can be effectivly trapped. Visit for more information. Or just to improve this answer a little, you could go and buy some fly spray? Its quite cheap and you can get it at all local tack shops near you :) if your horse has a problem with flys in his/hers ears i'd recommend you get the fly gel as you can rub that in there ears or you can just spray a small amout on your hand and rub AROUND the ear, not in. Hope this helped :)

Do horseflies sting?

Horseflies do not sting, As you may know they are like any other normal fly, The only insects that i know that sting are bees

How do you get rid of nets in a house?

I have nets all over my do I get rid of them?

How to get rid of flyes in house?

A couple of ways to get rid of flies in the house include getting rid of their attractants and darkening the house.

How many centimeters long is a horsefly?

Horseflies are among the world's largest flies. They belong to the tabanidae family. Horseflies can be as large as 1 ¼ inches in length. So, horseflies can be up to 3.175 cm long.

You have sanks in your house you want get rid of them?

How do i get rid of gress sanks in my house

Are horseflies poisonous?

Horseflies are not dangerous. However, their bite can be very painful and they are able to carry a number of infectious diseases.

How do you get rid of worms in your house after it rains?

As it is extremely difficult to get rid of worms getting in large numbers into your house after it rains you get rid of the house! It is easier and definitely solves the problem. I did it, moved house.

When do horseflies die out?


What do horseflies eat?


How do you get rid of salamanders in your house?

get it out of the house

How do you get rid of a house on Webkinz world?

You can't get rid or your house or any rooms once you've made them.

Why do people call horseflies a horsefly?

People call horseflies a horsefly because they are huge. These flies are much bigger insects than the housefly for example.

Do horseflies live in a hole?

Horseflies do not live in holes. These insects live near water. A female horsefly lays eggs on plants or near water.

What attracts horseflies?

Summer heat.

Where do horseflies live?

In Mexico and china

What are horseflies related too?


Do horseflies bite mostly when skin is wet?


How fast do horseflies fly?


What do horseflies look like?

Huge flies.

How do you kill horseflies by the pool?

fly swater

Where do Horseflies go in winter?

Up to heaven

Can a fly eat a horse?

No, but horseflies bite them.

How can you get rid of thrips around the house?

Get rid of any infected house plants and make sure you have net curtains in place