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Burn the tree down!... No I'm kidding don't do that. Call a good exterminator or have a qualified landscaper come and remove the tree.

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What do 17 year locusts eat?

17 year "locusts" are cicadas rather than actual locusts. They feed on tree sap.

How do you cut down a large tree?

If it is a really large tree over 25 feet tall, it is wiser to call a tree service company.

What is the average weight of a 25 foot locust tree?

Without locusts, about a ton.

Do locusts bite or sting?

Locusts do not bite or sting, but they can pierce your skin and suck your blood like a mosquito. They do this not because they are biting or stinging you, but because they think you are a tree and want to eat.

How long does a large Leylandii tree live?

Over 100 years =)

Can you cut a large fir tree root that is 3 feet away from the tree without killing the tree?

You would get away with cutting one large root without killing the tree but you might increase the chances of the tree blowing over in a wind.

What kind of tree has very large thorns on trunk and is a flowing tree?

Might be the honey locust tree. We have them all over here in WV.

Can the Honey Locust tree be planted in a pot instead of the ground?

Only if it is a very small tree. Honey locusts have large tap roots, and will not tolerate being in a pot for long. There may however be a way to prune the tap root, but that's a subject for an expert arborist.

What does the white tree frog eat?

Diet in the Wild They eat mainly insects such as moths, locusts, and roaches.

What is the purpose of locusts?

Locusts which are also known as cicadas, serve many different purposes. When they emerge from the ground, they aerate the soil around their host tree. They also serve as food for many animals such as squirrels, raccoons, toads, and birds.

When is c02 taken in or out?

in a tree

Why is a pine tree named a pine tree?

Because "oak tree" and "family tree" were already taken.

Best way to kill a large tree?

Large tree must be protected, not killed !

What is the word for cutting down tree on a large tree?

tree domino

What the maori English word for kowhal?

the color Yellow, taken from the kowhai or kowhaiwhai tree, which is a native NZ medium to large shrub with yellow flowers

What tree has large spikes on the trunk?

the sandbox tree

What is a large tree that bears acorns?

The Oak tree.

What is aluminum foil around a tree trunk supposed to prevent locusts from doing?

At a guess it stops them climbing the tree and eating the leaves, same as putting a strip of copper arroun a pot to stop slugs.

I have a large Oak tree on my property in Mississippi. Several branches hang over my neightbors yard. Are those branches my neighbors responsibility to maintain?

It's your tree.

What is a Molave Tree?

A small to large tree reaching a height of 120 ft, boles clear to 50 ft, straight a cylindrical, often fluted and irregular; trunk diameters up to 6 to 7 ft over moderately large buttresses.

What are examples of competitions in an ecosystem?

a small tree and a large tree. the large tree blocks the sun from the small trees under it, therefore they don't get the sunlight they need

What substances is taken in from the air by the tree?


Which tree was taken from India to Sri Lanka in 288BC and is still alive?

banyan tree

Are there any natural resources from tree kangaroo?

There are no natural resources taken from tree kangaroos.

What is the scientific name of champa?

Champa incense contains a semi liquid resin taken from the Ailanthus Malabarcia tree. Nag Champa contains a large proportion of Sandalwood