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get a friend or 2nd ds +game. then trade all of the Pokemon you cant live with out. THEN: MAKE SURE YOUVE TRADED ALL POKEMON YOU WANTED. !!!!! then start a new game and get far enough through the game so you can catch Pokemon with pokeballs and buy pokeballs. after that catch the exact amount you traded over.

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Q: How do you get rid of mail that Pokemon are holding?
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How do you trade MAIL on Pokรฉmon black?

You Trade a Pokemon holding a piece of MAIL.

Do they read mail in Pokemon Emerald when they get a Pokemon in a trade that is holding one?

No,they don't.

How do you write mail on Pokemon platinum for Nintendo ds?

go to the mail pocket, then select the mail you want and choose "give." after you select the Pokemon you want to hold it, a screen will come up where you can choose the phrases you want to write on the mail. to send it, trade the Pokemon that is holding the mail.

How do you get rid of the 95 explorer kits in the mail section on Pokemon pearl?

you can't!

How do you get air mail off a Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

First, you click on the Pokemon that is holding the air mail then,there should be a littile box go down to the word mail click on it then it will say read or take select take then it will say send your removed mail to your PC select yes then your done!!!!!!(:

How do you get the mail removed from Kenya in Pokemon soulsilver?

what mail and who is keyna? i might help you if you tell me what it is cause I've played it before. is keyna a Pokemon you named? if it is all you have to do is that the item it is holding. -RR14

How do you get another dig if got rid of it on Pokemon emerald?

As far as I know the only way to get another dig is to trade for a Pokemon that is holding the TM dig or to get it from another version

What is the mail used for on platinum?

It is simply to be able to make and send messages to your friends using your traded Pokemon, while it's holding the mail. It serves no other function in the game.

How do you get rid of stuff that you are holding in Minecraft?

Press Q. This will drop what you are holding. If you want to get rid of it permanently, drop it in lava.

How do you trade MAIL on Pokemon black?

there is no way you can trade mail on pokemon black

How do you get your Pokemon to deliver mail on Pokemon black?

Give it a mail item and trade it.

Your Pokemon is holding something do you take it?

Take the item your Pokemon is holding the item will be added to your bag.

How do you send air mail in Pokemon Heartgold?

to send air mail(or any other type of mail in any game) you have to give the mail to a Pokemon and trade the Pokemon to somebody else so they get to read it.

Are there Pokemon you can get rid of to get Lucario in Pokemon Rumble?

Yes if you get rid of 5 riolu you get a lucario ticket.

Where do you get the TM nighTMare Pokemon shinygold?

Keep in mind that Nightmare was not a TM in the GBA Pokemon games. In Pokemon Gold, it was a TM, and the fat guy on Route 31 would give it to you if you delievered the Spearow holding mail that you get on Route 35. In ShinyGold, because Nightmare is not a TM, he gives you Snatch instead (you also need to remove the mail from the Spearow.)

How do you send mail in Pokemon Pearl?

You give it to a Pokemon that is about to be traded and hope the person will take the mail.

How do you get rid of an HM from your Bag in Pokemon SS?

U cant get rid of HM moves in any pokemon game

How does mail work on Pokemon?

nothing I have found no use for the mail in any Pokemon game so sorry =(

How to mail a Pokemon in silver version?

No you have that wrong buy mail at a mart and attach it to your Pokemon then type in what you want to say to who your trading to when your friend receives that Pokemon they can read the mail take it or put it in there PC.

How do you get rid of Pokemon in Pokemon red?

Why do you want to get rid of pokemon in a pokemon game? That sounds useless... If you mean you caught too much pokemon you go to "PC" (in any pokecenter) and choose release pokemon.

In Pokemon HeartGold how do you mail letters?

Buy mail then attach it to your Pokemon write whatever then trade that Pokemon to a friend they can read it then send it to there PC.

You trade it with your friend in Pokemon Pearl?

A Pokemon or item and mail with Pokemon

Why can't you get rid of your Pokemon?

Are you sure about that? Because you can! go to the PC access Pokemon storage system and then click on the Pokemon you want to get rid of, and click release, byebye Pokemon! Hoped this helped :)

How do you get rid of Pokemon on fire redAsk us anything?

A person can get rid of Pokemon on Fire Red by visiting the Pokemon Center. The pokemon can then be conveniently moved from Ash's backpack and into the PC box.

How do get rid of your email account?

can i get rid of my email acount because i keep on getting junk mail