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How do you get rid of rust particles in your swimming pool from a heater causing cloudy yellow water?

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First of all call a pool company! Are you sure that you don't have a "mustard" algae problem? The heater needs to be looked at and the only way to get rid of rust particles is to vac to waste. You need to address the real problem because you don't want to swim in the pool the way it is. A pool company will test your water at a minimal cost and advise you for free.

Rust deposits from your heater are possible if your heat exchanger is old and has glass lined headers. The glass installed by the manufacturer is starting to deteriorate and it is exposing the steel underneath. The rust swells and then breaks off.

2011-09-13 03:37:49
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no you need a stronger heater specifically designed for a swimming pool

How often does a swimming pool heater need servicing, on average?

The swimming pool heater service usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. This of course can change if you have a larger heater.

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Why is a solar water heater not so efficient on a cloudy day?

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Is it ok to keep the swimming pool heater running after you shock it?


Does evaporation cool a swimming pool?

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There are no combination heater/cooler units that we are aware of. The would have to be separate units.

The gas heater for the swimming pool won't turn on?

Call a swimming pool tech to trouble shoot then show you how everything works.

What are the rating on Raypak swimming pool heaters?

That would depend on which heater model.

Stopping black residue from baseboard heater?

To stop the black residue from a baseboard heater, the wall around and near the heater should be cleaned as there are dust particles attached to the wall. This is called ghosting which fine particles of soot attach to the wall that is cooler than the temperature.

Where can I buy an electric salt water swimming pool heater.?

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Should water be cloudy from hot water heater?

Cloudy water indicates you have air mixed with the water. It is common for hot water to be cloudy when you first turn on the faucet. It should become clear in a few seconds. The air in the water will do no harm. If you have a well then there may be a problem with the well. Have it looked into by a professional.

When you turn on a heater how does it warm you?

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my bathroom facuet water is cloudy. What should I do?

I'm guessing that you have build up in your water heater, just drain it and you should be fine.

How do you fix a heater blower fan that does not turn on when it is not the fuse causing the problem?

DON'T turn it on.

Do you need a pool heater in a warm climate?

Depends on what you want out of your pool ... If swimming only during the hot months is okay, then you don't need a heater. However, if you would like to extend your swimming season, you should consider a heater. A solar heating system can extend your swimming season a couple of months earlier and a couple of months later, but probably can't heat your pool year round. For example, here in sunny Southern California, I can comfortably swim from March through October (with water temps of over 80F). A gas or other fuel-based heater can provide year round swimming, if desired.

Why don't your heater work?

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Why does the water heater moan after use?

This could either be due to the age or the materials used to make the water heater or the fact that the water heater has not been installed with vacuum breakers causing the geyser to collapse from the inside-out due to incorrect atmospheric pressure within the water heater

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