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If you have Spy Software installed on your phone the only way to be sure to get rid of it is to perform a Hard Factory reset.

Even if you know where to find out where it is installed, it can continue to work if you try to remove it through your application manager.

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Q: How do you get rid of spy ware on Cell Phone?
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Is it legal to use spy ware on a telephone you own?

No.It's illegal to use spy ware on ANY phone,even your own.

Are there a cell phone spy wear that really works?

There is! But it could cost you like 56 dollars so dont be fooled by the price!Its called the spy ware that really works!

Is there company who will install a cell phone spy on your phone?


Merchants using spy ware?

Spy ware is malware that records your actions on your computer and reports them to the malware's owner. No reputable merchant site will use spy ware.

How close do you have to be for spy ware to work on your cell phone?

It depends on what type of software is installed.For Bluetooth Spy Software you must be within Bluetooth range which is around 32 feet.Most other types of software allow you to access the phone anywhere in the world if it works through the GSM network.

For GPS to work on cell phone need any software?

For GPS location tracking on cell phone you need to install any cell spy software. There are lot powerful cell phone spy software available in the market. MobiStealth is one of the Advance mobile spy apps in the market and have really powerful spy features. I .

Is it legal to use cell phone spy technology?

Cell phone spying technology is legal to use. However, if privacy laws are broken while using the technology, the user of the spying technology can be prosecuted. It is illegal to spy on a cell phone unless you both own the cell phone and tell the person carrying the phone that it will be monitored.

Who has a real cell phone spy app?

I am using cell phone spy app services of Theonespy on my husband's cell. unfortunately, my husband is a good man. But Theonespy services very helpful to me. Try their services I hope you get better results.

What is cell spy now?

its a software that allows you to monitor cell phone activity

How do you install cell phone spy software?

Hello, you can try SpyBubble as it is easy to download and provides more supported feature than Cell phone spy.

What is the best cell phone spy?

You will thank me later

Is the spy master voice disguiser a real cell phone?

No, Its just a toy that looks like a cell phone.

What does a cell phone spy do?

Cell phone spy is an app that one could use to monitor calls, texts, as well as emails on a cell phone. One would use this if they wanted to monitor or track cell phone usage on a different device than their own. This software or app is installed without the persons knowledge, then using a different computer or cell phone one would be able to track usage.

What app can be used to spy on a cell phone?

Stealth Genie is an app that you can use for spying on a cell phone. It is super easy to install, and lets you spy on calls, SMS, internet activity, emails, and so much more.

Can spy software be used on a prepaid cell phone?

Yes, mobile spy software could work for most of the mobile.

Can you use cell phone spy on a phone just with the persons phone number?

Yes, you can; that is what the Forensic scientists, and police do.

How do you remotely install spy-ware on someones phone?

That's illegal ! We in the Wiki community will nothelp you break the law !

Does 39 clues have spy-ware?


How do you get rid of spy sweeper?

The same way you would get rid of spy sweeper

How do you use your spy phone on club penguin?

you use your spy phone by becoming a secret agent,and your spy phone will pop-up on the screen,and you click on the spy phone and you will have a spy phone and you can use it for almost anything!

Does the presence of a spy ware harm the installation of an antivirus?

Spy ware can cause problems with installing anti-virus programs. Spy ware can cause system files to become corrupted. When files become corrupted, the install program cannot access the files it needs in order to install the program.

Does the cell phone spy software work with Apple computers?

Most cell phone spy software is installed on phones and NOT computers. So unless you are talking about the iPad you must be referring to the iPhone. Yes, you can use cell phone spy software on the iPhone, but you must jail break the iPhone first. Sites Used To Answer This Question

What does spy ware do that is bad?

they make a divice

Can a spy ware create a video?


Is spy cell phone software available in Pakistan?

You will thank me later