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speak to your local animal shelter, they should help you


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There is a few way to get rid of stray cats and kittens that is hanging around your house. The best way to get rid of them would be to call your local pound.

Find them a home. Shelters kill animals that don't get adopted.

you cant so drop food, candy works best, on the ground and when there is a ton of them dance around on them

Give them to a NO KILL shelter

You don't want to harm the bush so why would you want to harm the bees?

To get rid of stray cats all you can do really is either take it to a veterinarian, shelter or your home. If your interested in keeping a stray cat or kitten you should see a veterinarian or your veterinarian. You also can just drop a kitten or cat you found at a local shelter.

Spray dog urine around the property.

Check your local websites for ads, lots of people are looking to get rid of kittens and puppies

There are many great ways to rid your dogs of ticks. The most common way is to get Tick Shampoo to wash the Ticks off of animals without harming them.

stray flowers all over the place stray flowers all over the place

The introduction of natural enemies and the use of organic controls are ways to get rid of aphids without harming milkweed plants. Ladybugs tend to be the most beloved, diligent, intrepid beneficial insects to introduce and support when dealing with aphids. Horticultural oils against eggs and insecticidal soaps against immature and mature stages will not harm milkweeds or milkweed-lovers such as monarch butterflies.

Look up your local animal control office and give them a call. They will remove the stray cats from your property for free.

you feed them meat and theyll go away because they what they came for

A mixture of sugar and boric acid spread around the tree gets rid of ants. A circle drawn in chalk around the trees also gets rid of ants as they do not cross the line. Hot water poured down the ant hills near the tree will also get rid of them.

Dig out the thistle, root and all. This is the best way anyhow as roots often survive to grow again even when using weed spray.

Reycycling is good because other ways of getting rid of it are harming the enviromnent

No, all that defeating the confederacy did was rid the U.S. of slaves. (Mostly)

Contact religious and/or psychological professionals for specific assistance.

Because you'll never get rid of it!Type your answer here...

If your feeding the stray cat then its more then likely to keep coming thereso IF you are feeding it Stop don't throw scraps out that your cats wont eatand take notice of how much your cats eat their food from the tin and the box and thisis cause if they leave a little in the bowl then the stray cat can just come alongand start eating out of it and if you have a female cat that's not done so it canthave kittens then its possible that the stray cat is a male that's not done andis looking for food,home,hugs,pats,kisses and female cats that you might have.IF THIS WASN'T THE ANSWER YOU WANTED SORRY I COULDN'T HELP.Call a shelter!

Is there a home remedies that I can use to keep outside cats out of my yard and stuff.

This really shouldn't happen. If the mother didnt like her kittens, then she might have eaten them to get rid of them. That is a strange way to get rid of her kittens, but she really wanted them gone. Sometimes a mother cat would take her kittens in the middle of the rode, and get rid of them that way.Dont listen to any of the above...A mother cat will eat or neglect a cat because they have a way of knowing when their kitten is in pain or is sick

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