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How do you get rid of the bee hive in Zelda Twilight princess?


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You can hit it with your boomerang or slingshot. If you hit it with your sword they attack you.

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go to the house that used to be under the bee hive and there is a cat talk to the cat and the go the rock near the pink/purple house and midna will help you from there

You will need: The Slingshot OR The BowIf you go to Ordon village, there should be a giant tree near the center of the village, with a bee-hive hanging from it. Simply shoot the bee-hive, and it will fall down. Climb up the vines across from Siera's Sundries, and scoop the bee-larvae up with a bottle.The can also bee purchased from Siera's Sundries for very cheap.

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Across from the general store in Ordon, there is a big tree right behind some guy's house. In the tree is a gigantic bee's nest. Buy the slingshot, shoot the hive, and scoop up the larvae with an empty bottle.

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You have to knock down a bee's nest then collect the larvae in an empty bottle. Then present the bottle to him.

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Either you can go into hyrule field and kill one of those 2 legged bird things that run around, or you can go into ordon village, go up onto the mayors house, and use the hawks grass and aim the hawk at a bee hive. For the Bird thingy, you will get a worm that you will need to scoop up. For the bee, you will get larve you will need to scoop up.

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u get bee larva and have them on X while you're fishing rod is on Y and press X to put the larva on the rod

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