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How do you get rid of the bloodhound virus when the computer keeps shutting itself down?

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Go to Start > Run Type SYSEDIT You will get five system files on the screen cascading vertically. Delete the all entries from top two files (autoexec.bat, config.sys)and delete the top two entries from Third file (Win.ini)that are in top two lines after equal sign see here Load = Run = Now again go to run and type msconfig Uncheck all entries in tab Startup tab in msconfig Restart your PC

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What is wrong with the computer if it keeps shutting down?

You have a virus. Or it is continuously overheating?

If my computer keeps shutting down will system cooling help?

Yes, it should stop all shutting down actions by your computer if the system is overheating.

Your computer keeps shutting off automatically after reboot?

its likely the matrix virus what just is made so when your computer starts up in starts and crashes your computer.

What could be the problem if a computer keeps restarting?

If your computer keeps restarting itself, a problem could be that you have installed improper drivers. Make sure you always update the drivers you have installed in your computer.

What should be the possible solution for Mac's problem in turning it on?

If you try to turn it on and it just keeps shutting itself off, maybe there is an issue with a fan?

What should you do if your computer keeps turning itself off?

get a new one lol

Why car keeps shutting off?

That's almost a question.

What simple machine keeps a door from shutting?

a wedge

Why does my computer tell me it is having problems with Silicon Integrated Systems and keeps cutting itself off?

because it can damage your computer and damage the software

Your phone is still under warranty and it keeps shutting itself down and camera stops and starts working should you take it back?

Yes, or at lest get the store to fix the problem.

Why Clock does not keep correct time Keeps resetting itself to 100 It's a 2004 Sonata Help?

Does it reset after shutting vehicle off? Could be memory fuse Check fuses

My Oil furnace keeps shutting off I just refilled with oil?


How A power supply you suspect is faulty is to replace it?

It may be time for a new power supply if your computer keeps shutting down at random times, or gets hot very quickly, you may want to act fast in order to keep from your computer crashing.

On my computer one of the discs needs to be checked for consistency keeps coming on when I turn on my computer what's up?

Two things here: 1) when it comes up do you let it get checked? If not then LET IT CHECK IT OUT FOR YOU!!! 2) If you DO let it check it out and it keeps coming up either you are shutting your computer down with the power switch without letting Windows shut it down properly OR you probably have a problem with your hard drive.

When you have a bloodhound virus and computer keeps popping up with Microsoft explorer has a problem you cant go to any sites so you can't download anything to?

install fire fox, disable internet connection, then uninstall your version of I.E hope this helped!

Why does your car start and after driving to the store it starts but keeps shutting off?

Fuel pump or filter??

Is watch-movies legal?

No, that is why the government keeps shutting them down and they keep changing the URL.

What part of the computer keeps it memory when the computer is off?

The hard drive keeps all your files and goodies

When might you have to use safe mode to remove a virus?

Sometimes there are crash viruses or viruses that keep giving the "blue screen of death" If it keeps shutting down your computer you may need to start in safe mode in order to get rid of it before it turns off your computer again.

Why does your compute keep shutting down i replaced the power supply to a much higher wattage but it still keeps shutting off?

You could try re-setting your battery. Check your users manual or call the manufacturer for instructions. You could also type your computer brand and model into Google, along with the words "reset battery."

My 99 Chrysler sebring keeps shutting off when i drive. what can the problem be.?

change MAP sensor

Your VAIO keeps shutting down unexpectedly?

format disk drive C: / ,theninstall a fresh OS

How do you get rid of a Trojan Horse virus on the computer?

I used Spy Sweeper, and cleaned one out about 5 minutes ago, but it keeps restarting itself, any suggestions?

When charging a system with a low pressure control and the control keeps shutting the compressor off you should?

When charging a system with a low pressure control and the control keeps shutting the compressor off, you should:

How do you know if you have a computer virus?

you can know by:your computer shuts down by itselfSites keep opening realy fast by it selfyou keep getting annoying messagesyour computer gets really slowif you have a anti virus dececter it might find oneYOU SHOULD KEEP AN ANTIVIRUS DECTETOR e.x NOTRON .Your computer keeps restarting it selfIf you open a website it closes by itself