How do you get rid of water bugs in a swimming pool?

If these are the "swimmer" type of bugs, you can get rid of them in the pool by putting a couple tablespoons of Lemon Joy on TOP of the water. I usually wait until dark, turn off the pump, allow the pool surface to smooth out, then turn on the pool light - the bugs are drawn to the light. Then I only have a small area to cover with the Lemon Joy. When the bugs surface for air, they will get covered with the soap and cannot breathe. You have to be patient and wait for the bugs to come to the light, then come up for air. By the next morning the soap is neutralized and the dead bugs are floating on the surface.

Another option: Put 3 tbsp. of liquid dish detergent into the spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the spray bottle with water and mix together. Spray your soap solution directly onto any groupings of water bugs you can find.Spray the solution into the water along the perimeter of your pool. Wait a few hours. The bugs will drown and get cleaned out by the pool filters. You may repeat this procedure as often as necessary. The dish soap is PH balanced and biodegrades. Small quantities will not harm your pool.