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How do you get rid of what you think is heat rash on your neck?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-31 18:47:48

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I recently developed a skin rash around my neck, which quickly spread to my chest area. I visited the Doctor Who said it was an allergic reaction, likely from a necklace or piece of jewlery. (Makes sense b/c I had recently purchased a new necklace - not real silver) My skin is naturally super sensitive. He perscribed a steriod cream called ratio-clobetasol (0.05%) Although I'm still SUPER ITCHY :(..the redness and total inflammation has gone done dramatically. Hope this helps - If you're suffering from any kind of rash that lasts longer than a day or 2, definitely go to your doctor!

2006-07-31 18:47:48
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How do you get rid of a heat rash?

apply witch hazel

How do you get rid of a bikini shaving rash?

hydrcortisone should get rid of your rash

How long does it takes to get rid of the rash on neck?

How big is the rash? how long have you had it? is it from an allergic reaction or plants like poisin ivy and or poisin oak? Is it spreading or contained? what are you taking to rid yourself of this rash? this is all background info needed to determine how long it will take for the rash to subside. You cant just ask how long will this rash on my neck to disappear because my self esteem is low and i cant go outside looking like this. Its like asking how long will it take for my computer to work after it just shut down.

How do you get rid of neck swelling?

The only answer I could think of is ... ICE

How do i get rid of my dogs rash?

Where is the rash and what does it look like?

How do you get rid of a penis rash?

It depends what the 'rash' is !... See your doctor !

Can vinegar cause a skin rash?

no, vinegar can actually help get rid of the skin rash

How do you get rid of a rash on your butt?

Use a cream!

How do you get rid of this pesky rash?

Ask your doctor.

How do you get rid of a deep heat rash?

Well, today I sprayed some deep heat on my back and just below my armpits. After about five minutes a rash started to spread quickly. I tried water and creams but the only thing that I found that cured it was time. It faded after about a hour, just give it time.

Can lotion get rid of rash?

No, only zinc oxide.

How do you get rid of red bumpy rash on arms?

help me

How do you get rid of a rash caused by football shouder pads?

If the football pads are old, they will make a rash on body........

How do you get rid of thigh pimple?

thigh 'pimples' are not always pimples. they are sometimes heat rash. when your outside sweating your legs rub together causing this. to reduce them, moisturize!

How do you get rid of a red rash in the pubic area?

You have to use one table spoon of lemon juice and rub it on your rash.

What are ways to get rid of a rash?

Often when I have a rash I use savlon cream on it and take an antihistamine like Claratyne or something.

Solution to get rid of scar tissue to the neck?

Honey can get rid of scars on the neck. Another thing you could try to remove scar tissue on the neck is lemon juice.

How do you get rid of this itchy rash?

wear a condom next time

Can people with turner syndrome get rid of the extra skin on there neck?

I believe there is some sort of surgery to get rid of extra skin on the neck?

Rash on crotch how to get rid of ball rash?

well boi, just rinse and repeat several times untill there raw

What can you do to relieve the pain in your neck?

To get rid of the pain in the neck, you should get rid of the pain-in-the-neck. While this may sound a bit harsh and direct, it is an example of something called bodymind psychology.

How do you get rid of a rash around your eye?

Talk to your dermatologist Talk to your dermatologist

How do you get rid of a stress rash?

banana cream also cream banana

How does a woman get rid of a rash around her butt?

wash it and stay out of the woods

What Exercises get rid of neck hump?

Some neck exercises can help get rid of a neck hump, but a physician should be talked to first since the hump can be signs of a physical issue. Mild lifting, neck stretches and turns, and other similar moves can with a neck hump.