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Salmon is a fish, so it is most likely going to taste fishy. There is no real way to get rid of that taste. You eat fish for the fish flavor.

Try marinating in olive oil, lemon juice, rosemary and garlic for a few hours, then bake at 350° for about 23 minutes. Serve over Jasmine rice. Delicious Salmon.

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Q: How do you get salmon to not taste fishy?
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What herb is good to get the fishy taste out of salmon?

Dill is a classic and good herb match with any kind of salmon. A Rosemary sprig is a good addition when roasting a whole salmon.

Does alligator taste fishy?

no, it actually does taste like chicken

Do salmon burgers taste as good as salmon steaks?

I think salmon burgers taste better than salmon steaks. They are more juicy and flaky.I have eaten salmon burgers a lot more than I have salmon steaks.If fresh Salmon is excellent and healthy for you.

What does talapia fish taste like compared to salmon?

Compared to salmon, tilapia fish has an earthier and blander taste.

What 5 quality points should you look for in a white fish stock?

stock should smell fishy. stick should be clear. should taste fresh and fishy. shouldnt taste bitter.

What does a fresh baked herring taste like?

It's sorta fishy...

What fish have mild taste?

Fish that contain more oil such as salmon are much stronger tasting. Mild tasting fish include haddock, tilapia, and flounder.

Which products offer the same benefits as Omega fish oil without the fishy taste and smell?

To avoid a fishy tasting supplement, be on the lookout for enteric-coated pills, as this coating is what causes the fishy taste and smell. Instead, look for more natural, high quality supplements.

Do scorpions taste like crab?

Tarantulas taste kind of like crab, but scorpions are slightly more bitter and fishy.

What are the advantages if I will take Natural Factors Wild Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil capsules What are its nutrient contents?

Enteric coating of these Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmom Oil--in enteric coated capsules helps to prevent fishy after-taste. Wild Sockeye Salmon are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are also free of antibiotic as well as residues of hormones which can be found in farmed salmon.

Does a girl's genitals taste like pumpkin pie?

no The female Genitals donot taste like pumpkin pie but rather fishy when u go near it . But if u are used to the fishy smell u would actually love to eat it

Can canned salmon be substiued for smoked salmon in receipes?

For one: Ew, that sounds like a terrible idea. And two: if the recipe calls for smoked salmon, it needs that smokey taste to it, which canned salmon does not have. If however it prefer the taste of cat food, then by all means, go for it.