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There are no senoirity points. You just have to login everyday until you get enough senority to do what you want.


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Aside from the seniority, you need 3 karma points and have to own 2 horses. ~Camigurl on howrse if you want to friend. :)

If you mean "aging" your seniority, the answer is no. However, you can age your horses with aging points.

Go on my account, then go it tells you your days registered, that's your seniority. Hope this helps:) Add me on howrse, onlymee ;)

you have to be on howrse for seventeen days hope this helped my name is lipizzanlover888 on howrse

You log in every day, and for every day that you log in you get a day of seniority.

After 10 days of seniority. SIGNATURE: My sources? Gosh.... HOWRSE! Senior member of Wiki.answers and Howrse.

No, you cannot purchase seniority on Howrse. Seniority is how long you have been playing a game, and isn't a ranking that a player can progress on by improving their game - it's more like a simple list of who's been on the game the longest.

You must be 20 days of seniority to get your own equestrian center on Howrse.

Karma Points are points gained by either seniority, buying passes or sponsoring players. As you gain more you can unlock certain privilges on howrse, such as making breeding farms and unique affixes for your howrses.

You must have 10 days seniority to give gifts on Howrse.

If you mean a farrier, you have to have 40 days of seniority.

You have to have at least 60 days seniority to create a breeding farm.

Seniority is gained by logging in to the game on separate days. To reach a seniority of 30 you must log in on 30 different days.

You don't have to have any karma points, you just have to have at least 60 days of seniority (which means you should have 2 karma points, because you earn 1 for every 30 days).

If you have enough days of seniority, (30 days on howrse) and positive or negative karma points (you get a karma point when you reach 30 days of seniority, so don't worry about that!) then go to the tab "breeding", then go down to sales, click it, and then go "reserved" sales. Then put your horse on reserved for the person you want to have it. They have to pay though. :)

If you are referring to Riding Levels, you must increase your seniority.

You can gain seniority by registering each day. Every day you register in you gain a day of seniority. No cheats or codes have been found to force seniority, but if you register every day, you'll eventually get enough to do whatever.

Howrse no longer has riding level tests. Instead, jobs and gifts are based on seniority.

Ow the creator of howrse assin the little monkey that helps players on howrse! this is **not** true. A few mods have higher seniority than Ow.

Every time you log in you get one day of seniority. If you want to get lots of days of seniority you need to log in every day.

There aren't riding levels on howrse any more. To get a better job, you have to improve your seniority. Hope this helps!

just wait until you have 3 days seniority.

It no longer exists, jobs are now determined by seniority. c:

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