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If you mean getting signed as a professional player, it's difficult. There are thousands and thousands of aspiring Trumpet players out there, and most of them aren't as good as they think they are. For symphony orchestras, you almost always have to audition, and many symphonies don't have regular audtions. For instance, the trumpet section in the symphony in my city has been the same for 5 or 6 years, and the principal trumpet player has been the same player for 20 years.

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Q: How do you get signed by playing the trumpet?
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What note does a trumpet tune to on a tuner?

a B flat trumpet will tune to an A by playing a B. A C trumpet will tune to an A by playing an A.

How is playing a violin different from playing a trumpet?

violin uses a bow trumpet uses a mouthpiece

Is the trumpet transposable?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean, is the trumpet a transposing instrument, yes, if you're talking about anything other than a C trumpet, which is in concert pitch. Trumpets in all other keys are not concert pitch. For instance, when playing on a B-flat trumpet, the note that you learn as a D is actually a concert pitch of C. If you are asking do trumpet players have to transpose music, the answer is, yes, generally speaking, but it depends what music you are playing. For instance, if you are playing on a B-flat trumpet and playing music written for the B-flat trumpet, you play the music as is. If you are playing on a B-flat trumpet but playing music written for C trumpet, you have to play the music up a step.

How do you make sentence for a word trumpet?

I like playing the trumpet

What technique is used to play a trumpet?

There really is no technique for playing the trumpet because everyone has there own way of playing it.

How do I get the video of the little girl playing the trumpet?

Search on youtube for: Melissa Venema or 'little girl playing the trumpet'.

Why does a trumpet sound different than a flute when they are playin the same exact note?

A trumpet is pitched in Bb. A flute is pitched in C. If a flute is playing a C, and a Trumpet is playing a C as well, the flute is playing a concert C, while the trumpet is playing a concert Bb. They are the same note on paper, but different concert pitches.

What is the difference between a trumpet and a baroque trumpet?

a regular( new-aged) trumpet has valves. But in terms of playing it they are the same.

What is the history of a trumpet playing Taps at Memorial Day?

The trumpet is a substitute for the bugle

What is the highest playing brass insrument?

Trumpet or piccolo trumpet (less common).

Louis Armstrong when did he started playing the trumpet?

Armstrong began playing trumpet around the age of 11 or 12 (1912 or 1913).

What is a rusty trumpet?

The Rusty Trumpet is a sexual act, wherein the man is licking a womans anus, while fingering her vagina (like playing a trumpet).

Do braces affect playing the trumpet?

yes it is very very hard to play the trumpet with braces

What category is the trumpet?

The trumpet is the highest member of the brass family commonly playing in the alto/soprano registers

Will playing trombone mess up your trumpet embouchure?

Yes and no. When you switch back to trumpet from trombone, the mouthpiece will seem rather small. However, with a week or so of adjustment, you shouldn't have a problem. Playing trombone will do no permanent damage to your trumpet embouchure.

Does teeth arrangement affect your trumpet playing?

No i dont think so because dont you use your lips and breath for trumpet playing? rather than your teeth ? Yes, it can. If you're teeth are crooked it can make playing the trumpet more difficult. Even though you don't use your teeth to play, you do put some amount of pressure on them while playing.

Who benefits from the trumpet?

Anyone can benefit by playing the trumpet, as long as you learn the notes and fingerings. I play the trumpet myself for about a year and it has opened many doors of opportunity.

Why did Beethoven need an ear trumpet?

he needed an ear trumpet because he was deaf....the vibrations coming from his trumpet went to his ear so then he could hear what he was playing .

How many octaves does a trumpet have?

The trumpet has an indefinite range, it all depends on who is playing it. If a seventh grader is playing the range might only be two full octaves, but if maynard Ferguson is playing it might be six octaves.

Where is Rick Baptist?

In LA playing his trumpet.

What makes you beautiful notes for trumpet?

clean, strong and smooth playing will give you the best sounding music on trumpet

How do you list the person playing the trumpet at a wedding ceremony on the program?

It just depends. Normally, the person's name and "trumpeter" or "trumpet" after it. The classical term for a trumpet player is "pistoneer."

How do you change guitar to trumpet notes?

Assuming the guitar music is written for a standard guitar with no capo, and assuming you are playing on a B-flat trumpet, you transpose up a full step. So, if the guitar note is C, you play a D on a b-flat trumpet. If you are playing on a C trumpet, you don't have to transpose.

Will playing the trumpet affect clarinet playing?

Long-term: No.Short-term: If you try to play the clarinet (or any other wind instrument) right after playing the trumpet, it may take a few minutes to adjust to the different playing style.

What is easier to play trumpet or cornet?

Trumpet defeinetly. There's not really much difference in playing the two. There is a slight difference in sound between the two, but as far as playing, they are basically the same.