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The most effective way to slim your legs is a 2 part process. Vigorous swimming will very quickly shape and tone the legs. If you are not a strong swimmer or are unable to swim, hold onto the side of the pool (shallow end) and let your body float. Then, begin to kick your legs out (as if you were swimming). 1 hour a day minimum. Then, if you have access to a stairmaster or a set of steps, walk up the steps to highlight the toning. The fire escape for most buildings works well for this.

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Q: How do you get slimmer legs fast?
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How to make legs slimmer?

One way to make legs slimmer is by walking. Walking is a low impact exercise that can help the legs achieve maximum fitness without damage to joints.

How can you have slimmer legs?

Lose weight and do leg toning exercise.

What is meant by the term tapered?

When one refers to something as tapered, it means it is fitted in a slimmer fashion. An example would be a pair of skinny jeans. They are tapered for a slimmer fit near the bottom of the legs.

Are there fast twitch muscles in your legs?

There are fast twitch muscles fibers in all of your muscles, especially in your legs.

Do cheetahs use their legs?

they use their legs to run fast.

Why do men like women in tights so much?

Men like women in tights so much because tights generally make your legs look slimmer and sexier. Mens attraction to us is our curves and tights help show off the shape of our legs. Men like women in tights so much because tights generally make your legs look slimmer and sexier. Mens attraction to us is our curves and tights help show off the shape of our legs.

Which has a slimmer jaw an alligator or an crocodile?

A crocodile has a slimmer jaw

How do sabor tooth cats walk 2 or 4 legs slow or fast?

4 legs, sometimes slow, sometimes fast

Why is a puma fast?

The muscles their legs developed so they can run fast

What is more slim?


What does the cheetah have that enables it to run so fast?

Strong and fast muscles in its legs

Does height effect how fast you run?

the height does effect how fast you run. people with shorter legs run faster than people with longer legs

How fast can bears run on two legs?

bears can't run on two legs

What are some good exercises to get slimmer?

In my personal experience cardio is the best exercise to get slimmer. We can do push-ups for chest, pull-ups for back/biceps, lungs and hamstring for legs finally crunches for abs. By doing these workouts we can see more results regarding weight loss.

How can you get your legs fat?

eat fast food

What makes a person run fast?

His legs

What makes a tiger run fast?

Its legs.

How does turtles travel?

On their legs, but not very fast.

How do you get slimmer calves?

One way to get slimmer calves is to practice step up's. Another way to get slimmer calves is to either jog, run, walk, or bicycle often.

What are fast but have short legs and sharp claws to dig their homes?

The echidnaÊis fast, has short legs and sharp claws, which help them to dig their homes. The echidna is a mammal.Ê

How can dogs run so fast?

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Its legs help it jump high and fast, away from predators.

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It has long legs

How do you run as fast as Sonic?

Travelling as fast as Sonic on bare legs is physically impossible.

Why does your legs hurt after riding a bike?

Your legs need energy. Your legs need oxygen to get that energy. When you are working your legs really hard like that, your legs can't get the oxygen fast enough. that is when they start hurting.

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