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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

What type of disease is cystic fibrosis

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The risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems today include

Why is it important to keep your health triangle balanced

Which benefit does a community experience when its members have a high level of health literacy

What protects the body from foreign substances and cells

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Do all cells have nuclei

In what molecule are electrons shared equally

When do droughts occur

What are two effective ways of managing stress

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Q: How do you get some help with MA 20 pharmacology drugs for drugs cardsI got to get these answer right away?
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How quickly can drugs harm you?

it can harm u right away or it can take a while

What happens to children whose parents do drugs?

They grow up and copy their parents as they think it is right. Parents should be responsible and teach right and wrong to their offspring. If they cannot manage to do this then they should be taken away and given parenting by people who can.Actually in some cases the comment above is right; but i know someone who did drugs and that person is ok. The child might have nightmares but they will go away

Which drug can start young people on a path to use illegal drugs?

All drugs! A drug is a substance that alters the way your body works. If you are being pulled in to drugs get help from an adult right away. I promise you will not be a "snitch."

How do you prevent juvenile delinquency?

by raising your kids right. try to keep them away from the harmful things like drugs and alcohol.

Why should students stay away from drugs?

Every body should stay away from the drugs.

How do you stay away from friends who do drugs?

Well to stay away from friends who do drugs its very simple JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT

What are some side effects of drugs on nutrition?

Well, if drugs are having a dramatic affect on you nutrition such as your fingernails turning blue or you're peeing applejuice, consult a doctor right away (especially if you're peeing applejuice)

Are drug dogs always right?

well yes. Harvard studies show that a drug dog, if they are specifically trained can smell drugs from 1,000 miles away.

What do you do when drepresson and drugs seem to be a repeating pattern in your life and so you know I have never taken drugs and don't plan to?

This is happening to me right now. You just have to stay away from drugs because they always make depression worse in the end. Also, do some physical activity and stuff. Makes you feel good afterwards

What are ways of avoiding drugs?

stay away from bad companysay NO when offered drugsWAlK away when people offer you drugs

How do you stop the high?

Take away all of their drugs and tell them how bad drugs are like showing them a person before and after they took drugs

Can someone keep their son away from the other parent?

yes you can butt that wouldn't be right to the other parent unless they are not paying child support or if they use drugs or they beat the kid

What fertility meds work best for women?

Fertility drugs remain the primary treatment for women with ovulation. If you don't ovulate right away, the dose can be increased by 50 milligrams.

What is the cure for the marbug virus?

With this dieses u need a lot of treatment and drugs for the pain to go away that was the use of the drugs and the treatment took it away.

Mum of your son on drugs what do you do?

Take the drugs away and call 999 take this seriously its common sense

How can children resist the pressure to use drugs?

staying away from it NEVER TRY DRUGS AND NEVER SMOKE

Has McCain ever done drugs?

Dear sir, I believe the correct answer would be yes. If you look this up on google you will see it right away. I believe that it was cocane too.

Who has the right away at a 4 way stop?

The person who arrives first has the right away. If you both get there at the same time, then the person to the right has the right away.

The abbreviation of right away?

What is the abbr for right away?

will i get my grant right away?

will i get my grant right away

How do teens feel when they are using drugs?

When they use drugs they believe that when they use drugs it makes them feel great. It makes they pain go away. really it does nothing.

Is there anything good in drugs?

well no drugs ruin your life unless you want to end up in rehab well then stay away from drugs and friends that have or supplie them

How you can kept away from drugs?

run or walk away from who is doing it and tell them you have to go were if you even dont

How does one dispense of unused prescribed drugs?

One dispenses unused prescribed drugs by flushing the unused prescribed drugs down the toilet or throwing them away in the trash. Putting the drugs in acid is another way of dispensing the drugs.

What do drugs smell like?

Drugs smell like rotten eggs and it doesn't matter you should stay away from them!