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You work out and get stronger the stronger you are the better you will get in arm-Wrestling some things you can do to get stronger is to lift heavy weights, do a work out program, punch a punching bag, but also to be good at self confidence before a match

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Q: How do you get stronger in armwrestling?
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Most boys at the age of 14 are already stronger than their moms. However I'm 20 already and my mom would beat me in a armwrestling match, so they are some exceptions.

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Where do you find armwrestling videos?

ARM TV has the largest collection of armwrestling videos in the world. They cover most of the tournaments that take place in the United States as well as the World Championships abroad. Http://

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How do you get better at armwrestling?

You can get better at arm wrestling by strengthening your biceps and triceps muscles. You can do this by lifting weights and doing pull-ups.

Who is stronger Arthur or francine?

arthur and francine both have strong arms francine took the lead than arthur took the lead than francine took lead than arthur almost won than francine fight back so this armwrestling match was a tie note arthur and francine are both very strong...

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In armwrestling does forearm strength matter?

Yes. Arm wrestling is a sport which requires a lot of arm strength to win. Especially the forearms. Usually it is the man with the greater arm strength who wins the match.

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Can girls beat guys at armwrestling?

Depends... If the guy is weak and the girl is strong yes. If the girl is strong and the guy is strong, could be a tie but id say the man.(When i say strong for girls i mean ripped

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