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this can be done by simple removing the dipstick and placing it into the number one plug hole after removing the plug turn the crank and allow dipstick to gently slide to tdc whilst ensuring crank marks are alligned with engine front plate marks.

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Q: How do you get the 1 piston at tdc and aligned with timing marks?
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What is the 0 degree for timing on a 1999 Chevy s-10?

Pointer aligned with hash mark on balancer, #1 piston at tdc.

How do you adjust timing in valve timing?

You have to set your camshaft at a position of firing at number piston ,that is if the camshaft gear does not have a visible timing marks and in relationship with the crankshaft position it has to be position number one piston at TDC

Where are the timing marks on the camshaft timing belt gear on a 1991 Toyota tercel so the timing belt can be reinstalled correctly with engine at TDC?

getting the marks aligned correctly is important to insure the amount of power you will have.

Setting TDC on a f150 4.9l stright 6 when timing mark is 180 degree from the TDC when timing mark is at TDC and piston down how do you get tming mark the same?

TDC is when the piston is at top dead center of the compression stroke. The easiest way to set it at TDC is to remove spark plug number one and insert a slim item such as a pencil or screwdriver into the spark plug hole and turn the crankshaft clockwise with a ratchet or breaker bar as you watch when the piston starts coming up. Remove the pencil or screwdriver and inseret your finger tip into the plug hole to feel for pressure (compression) building up. When you feel compression building up, remove your finger and re-insert the pencil or screwdriver to see when it reaches the top; the piston will be at TDC and the timing marks should be aligned. NOTE: The crankshaft rotates twice for each time the piston is at TDC.

What enabling the 2.7 to start if tdc is about 50 degrees past should the timing on the crank shaft be set somewhere in the general area?

When the marks on the chain and the marks on the sprockets are lined up the piston is after tdc. This is how it is supposed to be. Just align the links on the cahin with the proper marks on the sprockets.

Tdc does this the piston on the number one plug has to be totall at the while setting the timing on a 2001 dodge intrepid 2.7 engine?

The marks on the chain and the sprockets are set in such a way that the chain is installed at 50 deg after tdc. This is done so that the pistons are not at tdc where they could hit the valves while trying to install the chain. The marks are the only thing after tdc. When the chain is installed properly, the valves and pistons will be in proper time and the valves will be closed when the piston is at tdc. All you have to do is ine up the plated links on the chain with the proper marks on the sprockets.

If you just changed the timing belt in your car and the timing marks were lined up now all it does is turn over but not fire and occasionally backfires what is the most likely problem?

If number one piston was not at Top Dead Center (TDC) when the marks were lined up, the timing is probably 180-degrees off. The piston raises twice for each time the spark plug fires: it raises once on the exhaust stroke and then again on the compression stroke (TDC).

Where should the cam position be when setting timing marks on a 1994 Honda Civic 1.5L sohc?

#1 piston should be at TDC and both valves closed (compression stroke)

What is the setting on the timing of a 1981 suzuki dr 500?

Set the piston at tdc the put the 180 digree marks on the cam face even with the head with both lobes down

What is the correct timing marks for a 1993 Plymouth sundance?

tdc 12 degrees

When timing a 3.0L Plymouth engine I understand that the 1 piston should be a TDC on compression stroke but on the other cam should the 2 piston be on compression or exhaust stroke?

Well if you lined up the timing marks properly then it would not matter. The engine would run anyway.

Why does the number one intake valve start to open on your 1997 dodge ram 3.9L engine with the timing gears marks are set right?

The marks on the timing chain gears are not TDC compression. They are TDC exhaust.

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