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yes along with the headlight

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How do you replace the right turn signal lens in the bumper on a 1996 Honda accord?

There is a screw on the side of the signal, you can reach it through the middle of the bumper. unscrew that and the whole signal will come out of the bumper. pop the clips and then the lens will come off

99 cavalier right front turn signal replacement?

Reach behind the bumper of the 99 Cavalier. There are two nuts that hold the turn signal assembly in. Remove the nuts to take the assembly off and replace it.

How do you replace a 1996 Honda accord ex turn signal assembly?

I have the replacement part and it has a screw that can be reached through the front bumper opening, but the screw doesn't come out. Seems like there's another one that can't be seen, or a clip that holding it in.

How do you replace the front signal bulb in the bumper on a Honda Accord?

If its for the 90s models its just a screw in the inner side of the light housing on the bumper. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

Will the bumper of a 97 Honda Accord fit a 99 Honda Accord?


How do you remove the headlight assembly on a 1998 Honda Accord EX Sedan?

remove the bumper, you will then see the bracket that holds the bottom of the light to the car. the rest is pretty self explanitory once the bumper cover is off

How do you install a V6 96-97 accord bumper on a I4 96 accord ex?

You don't, the bumper is longer and it wont fit

Replace bumper on 98 accord?

I need to replace the bumper cover on a Honda accord 98 EX 4door. is there a site where the screws and pags are?

Will a 1991 Honda Accord front bumper fit on a 1993 Honda Accord?


How do you remove a bumper from a Honda Accord?

This video on YouTube (see Related Links) will show you how to remove the front bumper cover from of a 2004-2007 Honda Accord.

How can you replace the directional signal assembly on a 1994 Pontiac Transport?

I laid down on the garage floor and reached up through the bumper, not an easy task but it worked.

How do install a rear bumper on a 1999 Honda Accord?

To install a rear bumper on a 1999 Honda Accord place all the mount clips in the appropriate brackets. Clip on the bumper then proceed to screws in the hardware in the correct mounting locations.

Which is Honda Accord?

the car with an H in the middle of the hood and/or trunk and says accord above the rear bumper

How do you remove a 94 Honda Accord bumper?

Front? Rear?

Where is the impact sensor located in Honda accord?

behind the bumper

How do you make the bumper lights on a Honda Accord come on with the running lights but also blink with the turn signal?


Where is the horn and how do you replace the horn assembly on 2008 Mazda MX-5?

Open the hood, look at the front portion about where the bumper is, a horn bell is mounted there, get a new one and wire it up

How do you change the front signal bulb in the front bumper of a 1996 cavalier?

I have a 1998 Cavalier and I couldn't figure it out until I watched my mechanic do it:) The headlight assembly has to come completely off, and then down below that, you will see the signal light assembly. To get the headlight assembly off, there should be some screws under neath the plastic housing that has to be removed first, Undo the screws ad presto:)

How do you remove the headlamp assembly on a 1999 Honda Accord LX?

To remove the headlamps you will have to remove the front bumper first.There are some bolts on the inside of the wheel well.You must get under the car and remove about 8 clips from the bottom of the bumper and two from the top. The books say to disconnect the battery so your airbags dont deploy but i never had to.the bumper comes right off and then you remove 2 bolts that hold the headlight assembly together.

Where is the Horn Located on a 1992 Honda Accord LX?

High tone under bumper on driver side...low tone under bumper on passenger side...front bumper.

How do you change front turn signal on 2002 ford excursion?

Remove the two phillips screws located directly under the turn signal assembly (standing in front of the vehicle, look just above the bumper). Slide the assembly forward, out of the vehicle body. Twist the bulb socket a quarter turn counterclockwise then remove the bulb assembly from the housing. Remove the bulb and replace it, then reverse the process.

How do you remove headlight assembly on 2003 Honda accord?

This just isn't something that you want to do. Remove engine shroud, grill, bumper on the side that you're working on, inner fender fasteners - then you can get to the 4 bolts that hold the headlight assembly in. Did it yesterday - won't do it again. 5 hours :-(

How much would it cost to repair bumper on 2003 Honda accord?

To professionally repair a bumper on a 2003 Honda Accord it will cost you anywhere from $200.00 to $600.00. However, doing it yourself can definitely save some money.

How do you remove the front bumper light assembly on a 1999 corvette?

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How can you tell the difference between a 1973 and a 1974 Pontiac ventura?

The 1973 ventura had a hole in the bumper for the front signal light, the 1974 had a slit in the front bumper with the signal light at the edge