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How do you get the adhesive off of the wall from plastic tile?

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Basicly you have to scrape it off. Then you skim coat the wall with joint compound.

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How do you get flexible tile adhesive of concrete?

Wait till it dries then peel it off.

What is the difference between Adhesive and Peel and Stick Tile?

I believe these are just different names for cheap vinyl floor tile where you pull off a sheet of shiny paper to expose the adhesive.

How do you remove ceramic tile glue residue from tile after installing ceramic tile floors?

It depends on the type of ceramic adhesive. Many of them can be taken off tile with lacquer thinner on a rag.

Can you paint porcelain wall tile?

No, it will drop off.

How does one install a tile backsplash?

One can install a file backsplash by turning off the electrical power, cleaning the area with warm water and allowing it to dry, applying adhesive with a trowel, laying first tile in the center, continue laying tiles in a row, cutting tiles with a tile cutter, wiping off extra adhesive with a damp cloth.

How do you remove tile adhesive from a hardwood floor?

Rub it with Goof Off then slide a craft knife blade under it.

Can I tile over the decorative tile border on my pool?

It would be better to remove the old tile, then put your new tile in it's place. If you tile over the old there is a chance it could come off and your new tile with it. I know of an adhesive swimming pool tile border made of 4mil liner, its a peel and stick called borderlines adhesive tile manufactured by Jedco Products. All the internet websites carry it and it looks great, it would stick right over the old tile, this could get you by until your ready to remove the old tile.

How do you remove adhesive from plastic microwave door?

If it's an actually an adhesive label then heat it with a hairdryer as you pull it. If just reside then use Goof Off.

How do you remove old tile glue from wall to put on new tiles?

Depends how thick it is and what the wall is made off.

How do you remove glue from tile?

If you mean from the back off tile that has come off a wall or floor - soak the tile for 3-4 hours in hot water, then most glues will wipe off. If you mean glue that has got on front of laid tile, use a sharp craft knife to get under the edge and flick it off.

How do you get old dried on paint off ceramic tiles?

Paint stripper. It won't harm ceramic tile, but if it's plastic tile, don't try it.

How do you remove excess tile adhesive from ceramic floor tiles?

If it's still soft, just scrape off with a spatula. If hard,on old tile, soak them for a day, then scrape off carefully with a metal drywall spatula or broad wood chisel.

What do you use to remove linoleum floor tile adhesive?

You have to use a floor scraper and scrape it off. It is a grueling job but if you're lucky it might just come off easy.

How do you replace a ceramic wall mounted toilet paper holder that fell off the wall?

scrape out the old thin set that held it in clean up the area where it came out and use more thin set to adhere it back into the space. *Reads like the answer presumes this is set into the wall. If it is not, but was instead attached to the wall surface, clean off the base and use PL Premium to re-attach it to the wall. This will work even if the wall is tile, but may need some support until the adhesive dries (packing tape will suffice). If you use Tuck Tape as I once did, you will have great difficulty removing it from tile. Regardless of which way it was mounted, ensure that the reason for it falling off is not due to moisture causing the surface to deteriorate.

Can you add adhesive to new glued vinyl tile the peel off type?

Yes, use VCT adhesive. Allow it to completely dry so it goes from a paste like feel to a chewing gum super sticky feel. You can then lay the tile. Most peel and stick tile are fine on there own. The mistake that often causes them to fail is - they are not rolled after installation. You need to use a 100 lb roller or in a pinch a rolling pin and your body weight will do. Don't use construction adhesive. They have been known to change the color of the tile and even "burn" through.

What color wall paint would match a terracotta tile floor?

a beige or off white color.

How do you remove old carpet tiles?

Use a thin blade - we used a wall paper scraper - to lift one corner. Once you have done that, grab the tile and pull. the wallpaper scraper also comes in useful in scraping off the leftover adhesive from the surface underneath the tiles.

How do you clean ceramic wall tile?

That depends on what needs to be cleaned off? If its rust i use CLR. otherwise i use tub & tile cleaner. to get the grout cleaned use a toothbrush.

What do you call the plastic that protects the headlights?

The lens? It can be removed from the housing, and in many cases can become separated from the housing when the adhesive wears off.

Can you tile over tiles?

Yes you can. First are there any cracks in the floor? If so you need to put down an anti fracture membrane otherwise the new tile will just crack again. Second use a better quality thinset, one made for difficult bonding like Stonewall or REflex by Hydroment. If you scratch up the old tile a little it cant hurt. Also it will take more time for the thinset to dry and cure because the moisture has less places to go, the old tile or membrane acts like a raincoat so stay off the tile for at least 24 hours, 48 would be better before grouting. now produce a self adhesive wall tile that looks like a ceramic tile and it does not need cementing or grouting and can be applied over existing tiles without getting them off the wall ! I know that Stick and Go do over 50 ranges from their website.

How do you remove old tile adesive off good quality thick floor tiles that have been laid recently with the wrong adhesive so they can be relaid?

You can't: unless they're very thick, most tiles will just break. The best you can do is use a thick base layer of new adhesive to cope with the irregularity of the old adhesive.

How do you get a price tag off of a plastic box without ruining the box?

Carefully peal it off, then use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive left behind.

Vinyl wall decal edges keep lifting off wall how to stop this?

Your wall was not cleaned properly before the decal was installed. You can try applying spray-on adhesive on the corners that are lifting. Just be careful for over-spray.

How do you get Sticker adhesive off of your cell phone?

Take a sponge, wet it, wring it out, wipe it on your cell phone. This also works on wall paper! :)

How would you install ceramic tile the right way?

You need to measure your wall/floor accurately to work out the square footage of tiles needed. Your tile supplier will be able to work this out for you if you take along your measurements. Your walls/floor will then need to be clean and free of old tile adhesive. You may need to install a new hardboard floor to cover old floorboards. Use a spirit level then starting from the longest straightest part begin to install your tiles. You will need an adhesive suitable to the weight of the tile you are using, a tile cutter to cut tiles to fit odd gaps and grout to finish off the joints between the tiles. Use spacers to ensure that the tiles are laid out evenly. A good DIY book will have all the information you need to make a good job of this task.